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Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 at 6-7pm

CALL 1-712-432-3066 | Conference login code:130800#

Mialisia Jewelry Opportunity Call - Monday, July 3rd

6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST

Perfect way to learn more about this fantastic business opportunity! Sit in the comfort of your own home and listen in on a call that could CHANGE YOUR FUTURE!!!

• Patent pending product that no company offers – No competition
• $50-$75 bonus for each person you sponsor into the business
• Amazing commission overrides to 13% and 5 levels deep payout
• Highest title/rank commission overrides pay out level 6 to "infinity" deepl (see comp plan for details)
• FREE shipping to your customer and hosts on $40+ orders
• Lifetime Product Warranty
• Demonstrable product that makes your parties FUN and INTERACTIVE
• Join during prelaunch (LIMITED SPOTS) to be at the top levels of our company

$49 reserves your spot and allows you to sponsor others and begin building your power team today

Contact Information:

Ariana Gurrola | 310.753.7657




Mialisia Promotion

For A Brand New Experience

Hopefully if you're reading this, your curiosity has been sparked about Mialisia. First let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Ariana Gurrola, Im a mother of 4, grandmother of 6, wife and daughter. I've worked for 13 years as a Creative Director for a local wholesaler/importer. Is my plate full you might ask? Absolutely not...I have made room to take on Mialisia (my personal goal...to be able to work from home).

Mialisia caught my attention for several reasons, and honestly, its not always about money (of course that's important) but the flexibility to really work this business as your own was important to me. One of the highlights is that you're able to sell to retail establishments as long as they don't have 3 or more stores. To me that was huge, why? Because it opened up a venue of people/businesses that I could approach, and not restricted to only home parties or craft fairs. Secondly, the other big draw is that Mialisia is brand new! A ground floor opportunity that's due to launch in July 2013. I was fortunate enough to be part of the Founding Designers when I joined in May.

When a direct sales organization hasn't launched yet makes it very lucrative opportunity, the recruiting period is not totally saturated with representatives at every corner. As an example, just less than a week ago, there were 3 states North Dakota, Montana and Rhode Island that didn't have a Mialisia representative. Imagine being the 1st one in your state? Believe it or not, that carries a lot of weight. Think about this for a moment... A great example of joining a company when it's in its infant stages would be Starbucks! Imagine, had you would have invested in this coffee shop when it was just starting out? I think you get my point right?

Mialisia is very similar to the Starbucks scenario, in that its just starting out, and its early enough for you to really think about how you will design your future, the possibilities, your dreams and goals for yourself and your family. Those dynamics, together, will help you create a lucrative business not only for yourself, but for those that you bring on to your own dream team.

So no matter what direction you choose, without a doubt Mialisia is your answer. Join me in the Mialisia movement, your at the right place at the right time...be part of our company history and join this top notch organization. If you would like to speak to me directly feel free to contact me any time at PST 310.753.7657 or you can email me at Ariana@Mymiajewelry.net you may also visit my website at TreChic.Mialisia.com


How did the name Mialisia come about? Our founders Annelise & Sean Brown, wanted to name their girl Alisia after her grandmother Alisia, however Annelise and Sean had all boys! That being said, they decided since they couldn't name their boys Alisia, they decided to name the company Alisia. Unfortunately, while applying for the trademark, they were told there was already a jewelry company by the name Alise. Being that Alisia was so close the Alise, they but their creative minds together and decided to put the letters MI in front of Alisia to form what is know today as MIALISIA...and so Mialisia was born...

Ariana Gurrola - Mialisia Independent Founding Designer

Trish Nabrotzky From Bling Time to Mialisia

In this video Trish Nabrotzky explains the new name and the new line...Mialisia

Mialisia We have a new name, a new line, and a new future!

What's In Your Jewelry Kit?

Want to know what is in the Mialisia Business kit AND your choices?

There are two kits:

The Fashion Event $499* - Valued at $1600 (I selected this one so that I could start selling product right away! I get a website free for one year + marketing materials + a ton of jewelry + fashion tote and so much more!

The Basic Designer Kit $199 - Valued at $600 marketing material + jewelry + fashion tote and more!



  • 2 Necklaces
  • DVD
  • Brochures

*This kit is no longer available.

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