1. Story Board, Title: Underdogs

Austin Fritts


The setting in this book is Forbes, Michigan. Forbes Michigan is a poor town. I chose this picture because it is a small run down house. This has to do with the city of Forbes, Michigan, because Forbes is poor.

Main Character

The main Character in this book is Will Tyler. Will is a determined young man. I chose this picture because will plays football. Will is a running back.


The conflict in this story is that Wills mother left him and his father. The other part is the city is poor. I chose this picture because his mom went one way and Will and his dad went another way. This picture represents of how conflict starts. Conflict starts between two different opinions.

Rising Action-A

The first part of the rising action in this book is the games that lead up to the playoffs. Wills team did not think they were going to make it to the playoffs, but they did. I chose this picture because a wildcard is something that takes place in the playoffs. A wildcard is the first week of the playoffs.

Rising Action- B

The second part of the rising action is the games in the playoffs that lead up to the championship game. Wills team won the championship game. I chose this picture of a trophy, because you usually get a trophy when you when the championship game. This picture represents the victory of Will and his team.


The resolution in this story is Will and his team winning the championship and will and his dad getting to no each other better. Him winning the game stopped his teams doubt of loosing and saved the town. I chose this picture because, it shows the definition of resolution. Resolution is something being taken care of.