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Hi there!

Are you ready to get started?

By now you should have signed up with O2 Loop ( and have found some groups you would like to be a part of. Let's take it a step further and get you on the road to your successful journey. Here are my suggestions for you this week:

Origami Owl Policies & Procedures - if you haven't already, take the time to print these out and ready them thoroughly. It's important to know what Origami Owl stands for and what you can and can't do. Grab yourself a binder and place them in there for easy access when you have questions.

Have you signed up with Pay Anywhere? While you can choose your own source for accepting credit cards from your customwers, Pay Anywhere offers special pricing for Independednt Designers of Origami Owl. Depending on your kit, you may have already received a credit card swiper. If not that's OK, because you will get one for free when you sign up. SImply go to and you can begin the process.

Are you looking for business cards? Origami Owl uses Flyers Direct for our cards. You can download the instructions here.

Having trouble navigating through the Back Office? View this document to give you a play by play on where things are and what exactly it is you are looking at.

And if you haven't had enough to read just yet...checkout the O2 Quick Start Guide. This will give you valuable information on things you can be doing while you are learning more about Origami Owl, information on O2 products and pulling together people you know.

Remember I am here to help if you have any questions. :)

As always, {DREAM BIG}!

-Erin Maulucci
Team Leader