Parkway Panther Press

October 6, 2022

Welcome Fall!

Fall leaves are magical for so many reasons. There is something about a big pile of leaves that is irresistible to kids. Leaves can also bring out the kid in adults and are always a great source of family entertainment. There are so many learning opportunities for both kid’s bodies and minds hidden within this addictive fall play. Leaves check all the boxes for both gross motor skills and fine motor development. The running, jumping, rolling, and throwing of leaves helps kids learn better balance and strengthens their entire bodies. Then, they have to switch gears and use their fine motor skills to gently pick up single leaves when creating art and science projects. Enjoy making wonderful creations in the Fall. - Dr. Smith

Weather Changes

This is a gentle reminder that as the weather changes, students may need additional clothing (jackets, sweatshirts etc.) to stay warm while enjoying their recess. Please make sure you are checking the forecast to ensure that your student is dressed appropriately for the season. In addition to this request, I would like to solicit your support in donating new or gently used clothing to Parkway. Your donations will help students in the event that they have an accident and/or need warmer clothing to wear during recess.
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Spread Kindness

This month is Bullying Prevention Month. This month provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the classroom and school culture. It is a time to examine best practices when it comes to creating respectful school environments that foster inclusion and respect. During this time, the staff and students are both placing an emphasis on as well as celebrating acts of Kindness. Acts of kindness can make the world a happier place. An act of kindness can boost feelings of confidence, being in control, happiness and optimism. They may also encourage others to repeat the good deeds they've experienced themselves – contributing to a more positive school community. Our 3rd grade staff and students did an awesome job kicking off our 2nd School Wide Morning Meeting on Monday, placing an emphasis on our next Panther Pride character word: Kindness. During the SWMM students participated in a Morning Message, a Greeting, an Activity and enjoyed watching a few staff members participate in a Minute to Win It Game in which their challenge was to juggle balloons without letting the balloons touch the floor. The students also learned a new Kindness chant (featured below). We all had a great time immersed in laughter and spreading kindness.

Fun Field Trip to the Apple Orchard

Our K4 friends went to the Apple Orchard where they had a great time selecting apples. The children enjoyed touring Neiman Market Apple Orchard. The students had a perfect day to walk through the orchard and to learn about apples, apple trees and the importance of honey bees. The best part was finding the perfect apples to pick and Counting how many apples we could fit into our bags to take back home.

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PALS Classes

Students had a ton of fun meeting with their PALS. The PALS Program was designed to bring students from (2) different classrooms together, once a month, throughout the course of the school year. During these monthly gatherings, PALS classrooms come together to engage in fun, interactive activities designed to promote social and academic development.

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School Start Time & Attendance

The single most important factor in student achievement is regular school attendance. Late arrival or being absent results in missed learning opportunities. The goal for student attendance is 95% or better. This means not missing more than or the equivalent of 10 full school days in a school year. (Missing school for quarantine or for school events does not count against a students attendance.)

Please make every effort to have your student on time and in attendance each day. Student entry begins at 7:45am and will be marked tardy after 7:50am. For additional information regarding Parkway's Attendance Policy and Processes, please review the Student and Family Caregiver Handbook.

Important Dates in the Month of October

We hope to see you at The Fall Festival on October 15th. The Fall Festival takes place outdoors at Parkway School from 3:00pm-6:00pm.

October 21st - No School for Students/ Professional Development for Staff