Paloma TK News!

Mrs. Boehm and Mrs. Pauley

Name Writing!

Please continue to practice your child's name as much as possible at home! Start with a capital and the rest should be lowercase! Their name is their first and most important word!

Field Trip on October 24th to Bates Nut Farm! Don't forget permission slips!


October 25th is Paloma's Spooktacular! The students are able to dress up and wear their costumes to school!

What else is going on in class?

We have studied the letters "Aa", "Hh", "Mm", "Rr", "Kk", and "Ss"! Please review those and always remember to review the whole alphabet whenever you can! Read alphabet stories, play Alphabet Bingo, sing The Alphabet Song, look for letters in books, magazines, newspapers, etc... Also, we have introduced the sight words, "I", "see", and "my". The more your child sees these words, the more secure they will become! Also, we have been patterning, sorting and classifying, and working on number sense!