RC Mac Community News

April 6-8

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Finding Balance

Dear RC Mac Community,

It seems SO very long since we've all been together!

As we become a little more accepting and used to the social distancing measures across our world I hope you discovering some ways to keep the balance in your lives with family time, exercise, work and alone time too.

It is odd but true that even the simplest things we usually do require an adjustment during this time and it's easy to feel overwhelmed at times. I have included a few links to online resources that may be helpful for you or someone you know. Our school counsellor, Ms. Morisson, is available to speak with families over the phone. Please email Ms. Morrison to arrange a phone appointment (cmorrison@sd43.bc.ca).

This week the teachers will attempt online learning for the first time. All teachers are sending some instructions to students and parents for Monday April 6th. We hope your family can engage in learning at some points during the week. We anticipate that family routines may be diverse depending on what else is going on in your lives at the moment. We plan to adjust for families and students as needed to provide everyone with a positive learning experience. This may take us awhile to figure out what is working well and what is not working well and we appreciate both your honest feedback and your support moving forward.

The Ministry of Education has provided a guideline of five hours per week of instructional time plus two hours per week of physical activity for grades Kindergarten-Grade 5.If you are able to plan a steady routine in your home then each child would be engaged in learning activities for one hour per day plus thirty minutes of exercise. The hour of learning can be broken into chunks of time during the day as may be best for your children. Teachers are doing their best to comply with these guidelines and will adjust if there is too much work or too little work for your child.

At some point this week I will be sending a revised SD43 parent permission form regarding student internet use as we will now be exploring different ways to connect and share online for educational purposes.

The school district's first priority is the health and safety of all school community members. As such they are being very cautious with determining plans for the pick up and drop off of student supplies. I anticipate receiving further directions later this week. Please know that the students belongings are neatly bagged up and labelled and ready for pick up as soon as I have the permission to go ahead. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

I will be publishing the RC Mac Community News once or twice a week throughout this time when we are not all in school together. Staff will be helping with contributions such as:

Physical Exercise activities, Health & Wellness activities, Community Connections, and Music activities. The next newsletter will be published for Wednesday April 8th.

Until then - enjoy the sunshine!

Theresa Roberts

RC Mac Art Challenge

It seems I've been hearing A LOT about toilet paper recently! Perhaps you have a few empty rolls around your house. What art can you make with your toilet paper roll? Send Mrs. Roberts a photo of your art project and it will be published in the RC Mac News. Have fun everyone!
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PE Activities and Videos

Your family will benefit from a variety of physical activities. Below are two videos to try plus a Body Break and Mindful Moment suggestions.

These are great for giving yourself a break between work tasks or before you head out for a walk or to play in your yard.

Jump Jump:

Jump side-to-side over an object or line for 1 minute straight. Go again but jump front to back. Repeat each jump twice

Mindful Snack:

When eating a snack today, really pay attention to the taste, feel, sound, smell and look of the snack youโ€™re eating.

Discuss with your family what you noticed.

PE with Joe - Friday 3rd April 2020
Coco the Butterfly | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒˆ