Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


Dan,Arthur,Stacy,mom,dad,Aunt Goldie,Ronny Vae,Ryan


1. There trapped in there basement because the tornado hit there house.
2. He cant find his parents and he's really scared because he doesn't know what happened to them.
The solution to number 1 was Stacy found them and helped them get out.
The solution to number 2 was Dan's mom dad and brother just happened to be around Kmart.

Information about the book

The story starts in Grand Island Nebraska Its about some people that live there and a bunch of tornados hit there town the main three characters are Dan, Arthur and Stacy. Dan and Arthur get trapped in Dan's house after the tornado hits and Stacy helps them get out. Then they have to find there parents after that Dan goes to try to find his parents after they get separated with out Stacy and Arthur he goes to Kmart and Dan's parents are not there and he goes and sits on the curb somehow Dan's parents are in that area and they see him so they drive up in their car and see each other and they are all so happy.


facts: There was seven tornadoes. one was an f4 tornado and three were f1's.Arthur didn't actually have sisters.
Setting: The setting is a small town with farms and crops in Grand Island Nebraska and the weather is stormy and windy with tornadoes and lightning.