10 Easy Short Cuts

Ways to use your keyboard to make your mac life easier.

Copy, Cut, Paste

Let's say you begin typing your paper and you need to have a quote from a website that is cited and legally able to put into your paper, you don't want to type the whole thing out when you can easily, copy and paste.

  • Simply just use the Command Key + C to copy the text
  • You can also cut instead of copy by Command Key + X
  • Locate where you want to place your text and then Command Key + V to paste.

New Tab

To put a new tab on your browser, if you're new to the internet and this kind of computer, just simply hitting two keys can make your life easier when you can't find how to get a new tab. It really can be tricky.

  • Go into your browser of choice and hit Command Key + T to open a new table without going through the trouble of trying to find "Open New Tab" on your tool bar.


Let's say you're working hard on a project, whether it's a paper, an indesign work, or photoshop, we all mess up or even delete parts that we don't mean to be deleted in our work.

  • After having something deleted or just want to redo what you had earlier and get rid of the new work, just press Command Key + Z and all problems will be fixed.
(Command Key + Z saving lives one click at a time.)


Being able to take pictures on your desktop that you found is so useful but not knowing how to take a screenshot can really make this difficult.

  • Hit Command Key + Shift + 4 to select a certain portion that you need, whether it's tiny or it is a big picture.
  • Another way to make it easy, is just screenshot the whole screen if it is the whole picture that is needed by hitting Command Key + Shift + 3.

Word Spotlight Search

When looking for a specific word that would help with a research paper or even just help with finding a sentence in your research paper.

  • Hit Command Key + F and a search bar will pop up on the right top corner of your screen, then you type in your key word.

Logging out of you computer

To make sure that nothing on your computer will be touched and to make sure that you are 100% safe on your work, the easiest way is to make sure none has access to it. Just log out.

  • Make sure you have everything on your computer saved, then you are good to go by hitting the Command Key + Shift + Q and you're good to go.

Highlight all items

When you are ready to copy and paste, or cut and paste, you can drag your mouse to select it all, but that could be difficult. An easier way is to simply just highlight all items.

  • Make sure you are in the document that you want to copy and then hit Command Key + A and you are ready to go and make your selection from there.

Now that you have learned 10 easy steps in one form….

You are now a little more comfortable with your mac, and will soon learn that easy way to make your life easier.

Images provided by Google Images.