Alcohol is Bad

Information about alcohol

What is alcohol ?

  • Alcohol is a beverage but it is a drug. If you are young and been drinking , you are increasing a risk of having a fatal or nonfatal injuries. Fatal means to cause a death. Also you are increasing a risk to drink , when you are grown up.800,000 people die in United states because of alcohol. People die because of car accident and drowning. Here are some of the cancer you can get just for drinking alcohol: mouth, throat, esophagus, liver and colon . Also it can hurt your brain. You will also get social problem like not doing your favorite things and spending with your family.

Tips about not doing alcohol.

  • First did not be peer pressure.(say no to the person and step up for your self)
  • If you do it when you under 18 year old , you are increasing to do it when you grow up.
  • Alcohol is not cool and there bunch of people don't do alcohol , so you are not alone.
  • Don't do alcohol because you want to have a healthy body.