New South Wales

Hannah Sears


  • Mountains
  • Plateaus
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Plains

Bodies of water

  • Tasman sea
  • George
  • Vesole
  • Nahuel
  • Huapi


  • Collaroy

Mt. Ranges

  • Blue mountain
  • Mt.kosgiuszo
  • Andes mountain


  • Emu
  • Nelsons
  • Jerry


  • Semi arid


  • Wild flowers
  • Many varieties of trees
  • Fungi
  • Moss


  • Australian brush turkey
  • Australian magpie
  • Bandicoots
  • Bower birds
  • Emu
  • Flying foxes
  • Echidnas

Natural resources

  • Bauxite
  • Coal
  • Iron ore
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Gold
  • Sliver
  • Radium
  • Nickel
  • Diamonds
  • Petroleum
  • Natural gas

Current issues

  • Public education council
  • Domestic violence


  • Ablaze brasserie
  • Adamos pasta
  • 561 aphdale


  • Sydney opera house
  • The brush tradition session at the brewery
  • Walk were Jesus walked


  • Cooking
  • Accent
  • Jeep
  • Out fits


  • Catholicism
  • Anglicanism
  • Uniting church
  • Presbyterianism
  • East orthodox


They manages the school system within their stateBoth public and private schools exist in each stateEach statehas a vocational education and training (VET) This prepares the person for the career they would like

People and Languages

They have a population of 7.3 million residentsIn school your are requiord to learn english English is not the only langages spoken in australia they have over 200 other languagesMost familys speak other languages when that are at homeThey are known for haveing a accent

land use

used mostly for nature conservation, irrigated agriclture, forestry mininal use, bodies of water, ryland and the rest is built envirment


australia was first inhabbited about 40,000 years ago by aboriginal people then it was dicovered and mapped by europeans including the Spanish, Dutch and English. It wasn't really explored until 1770 when James Cook explored the east coast and claimed it for Britain. He named it New South Wales.