french hockey discrimination

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how they were discriminated?

French hockey players in the NHL are being discriminated I'm here to tell you how they were discriminated. Racist slurs in professional hockey appear to still be acceptable such as "frogs". Almost everyone in the NHL say's French hockey players can't play "Canadian style". Only francophones of the highest "level" can have long lasting career's in the NHL. Through a 11-year spam francophones position never changed in the NHL. French hockey player's earn less money, have shorter careers and are less likely to be drafted. Some NHL teams have instituted a total ban on French-Canadian players. This is not only offensive to the player's it is also offensive to all of the French hockey fans they don't want to be watching hockey with all this discrimination everywhere. A NHL veteran confirms that unless Quebec hockey players are superstar's they are less likely to be drafted. Sadly, lots of discrimination has happened in the NHL but people don't recognize that this game is a game and games are supposed to be what people call fun not fighting or yelling racial slurs to each other it's about enjoying the game not causing injury's on other people.

What did the French speaking player's do to stand up?

Bobby Holik (a retired hockey player) said that he fights for his ice-time more than Ontario-born or raised hockey player's. Bob Sirois (a former hockey player) in the NHL wrote a book called "discrimination in the NHL". The cover of the book has a bull wearing a red hockey uniform and in front of the bull is a frog wearing a blue hockey uniform. Bob Sirois demonstrates how the NHL is discriminating French-hockey player's. Most of the hockey player's also reported this issue to the NHL. I think the French hockey player's shouldn't have to stand up I think Gary bettman (the commissioner of the NHL) should have at least tried to resolve this issue or at least look at it. Bobby Holik and bob sirois are brave people to have the confidence to stand up to the people that are obsessed with winning the game those two players are people who actually enjoy the game and understand what hockey is about. Player's that like to call other players named are only trying to make the opposite teammate mad so they can win the game which is not the real goal in hockey. Some player's have had eyes, noses, teeth and legs broken for example: Willie o'ree had his two front teeth knocked out and got his nose broken he also got called a racial slur just because he was black.

why were the players were discriminated?

French hockey player's are discriminated against simply because they do not have the Canadian "style" of playing hockey. The NHL is saying this only because they think that only Canadians can play hockey because what is the first thing that pops into your head when I say the word Canada? Most people answer hockey and that's probably why the NHL wants Canadian players the most. But what the NHL doesn't recognize is French speaking player's are more productive, yet they play fewer games. The NHL need's to stop discriminating French speaking player's before everything turns Into chaos. French player's are pretty good player's people just need to recognize that and there is absolutely no reason the NHL should be discriminating French speaking player's. They should also ban all racial slur's.
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