BCSSSD Pioneer Press

June 2015, Edition #8

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Editor: Mrs. Laura Geltch, Coordinator of Program and Community

Please continue emailing me your stories, photos, and events. This newsletter celebrates all our BCSSSD Pioneers!


A Letter from the Superintendent

Dear BCSSSD Community,

We have experienced much change and transition this year as we prepare for a major restructuring of our organization. Teachers: your dedication and clear love and caring for our students have been grounding forces, allowing for a successful and smooth year of transition.

The district's accomplishments are many this year:

  • Leadership:
    • New leadership in a number of areas,
    • Leadership and professional development initiatives for administrators,
  • Program and Curriculum:
    • The addition of an Alternative School Program, a new Alternative School facility, expansion of program to serve students in grades 6-12, and dramatically increased enrollment
    • A district-wide restructure plan which streamlines our organization and promotes a more inclusive environment for students
    • A program to serve adults with disabilities, and a new and innovative public/private partnership with the Bancroft School
    • The development of an inclusive ESU partnership model for P-12 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
    • Revamped vocational programs for 2015-16
    • The development and continued improvement of an exemplar aquatics program
    • The development of a new five-year Understanding by Design curriculum evaluation and development plan
  • Growing and strong relationships with our County school district partners, Rowan College at BCC, First Responders, the YMCA, and numerous other entities
  • Numerous capitol improvements and technology initiatives
  • Settled BCSSEA contract prior to expiration date

On behalf of our Board of Education, and the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders, congratulations to our entire team on these achievements. Thank you for a productive year, and for all you do for our students.

Best wishes for a peaceful summer break.


Dr. Christopher M. Manno

Superintendent of Schools

BCIT/BCSSSD Board of Education Policies & Regulations

The following policies and regulations have been approved by the Board of Education. Please review and reference pertinent policies as applicable.

February 2015


R8460 General Investigative Procedures - 1st Reading

R5111 and 5111 Policy and Regulation for Admissions-Revision (BCIT only) 5120 Assignment of Students (BCIT Section Only)-Revision

Revised 2014-2015 School Year Calendars

BCSSSD change March 25 to early dismissal for students; 1⁄2 day In-service teachers. BCIT change March 27 to early dismissal for students; 1⁄2 day In-service teachers.

March 2015


  1. R0157 Board of Education Website

    R7450.1 BCIT S.O.P. General CTE Inventory and Accompanying Forms 9325 Use of Drug-Detection Canines

    P0134 Board Self Evaluation
    P0152 Board Officers
    P2622 Student Assessment
    P3212 Attendance
    P4212 Attendance (formerly P4211-removed) P & R 3218 Substance Abuse
    P & R 4218 Substance Abuse
    P5465 Early Graduation
    P8630 Bus Driver/Bus Aide Responsibility R8630 Emergency School Bus Procedures

    April 2015


    R0157 Board of Education Website

    R7450.1 BCIT S.O.P. General CTE Inventory and Accompanying Forms

    9325 Use of Drug-Detection Canines

    Strauss Esmay BCIT/BCSSSD policies and regulations.

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Congratulations to our Burlington County Alternative High School Graduates!


Dear Burlington County Alternative School Community,

Please accept my most sincere appreciation and commendations on a truly extraordinary year for BCAS! BCSS is honored to support and serve the students and faculty of BCAS. Your professionalism, dedication, and clear love and caring for the students have been grounding forces, allowing for a successful and smooth year of transition.

The school’s growth and accomplishments are many this year, and you should be justly proud - new leadership, a new school facility, increased enrollment, expanded programming and services, a Middle School, new supplies, materials, equipment, & technology, improved processes and procedures, growing and strong relationships with our County school district partners, and many more.

On behalf of our Board of Education, and the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders, thank you for a magnificent year, and for all you do for the students of Burlington County.


Dr. Christopher M. Manno, Superintendent of Schools

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Congratulations to our Burlington County Alternative Middle School Graduates!

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Congratulations to our BCSSSD 8th Grade Graduates!

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Congratulations to our Lumberton Campus Graduates! Class of 2015!

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Our Preschoolers Graduated!


Morgan A., Patrick A., Chibuzo A., Jaiair C., Brieyah C., Mikayla G., Conner G., Avrrin M., Kelsey O., Jeremiah S., & Jamier W.

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Helping Hands Early Childhood Center PreK Graduation. Congrats Grads!

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Preschool Integrated Group at BCSSSD

The Preschool Integrated group is a unique service to our school district. Occupational and Speech therapists collaborate with the classroom staff as they integrate into the classroom each week during a group session. Focusing on observing the students within their classroom setting and helping to carry over the therapeutic process has helped to increase each students’ success within our school. Each professional is able to demonstrate and model techniques practiced in the individual pull-out sessions to help the students generalize their skills into all school environments. Therapists are also able to help provide modifications or suggestions (i.e. use of adapted scissors or classroom tools, arranging positioning/seating for optimal performance, etc). Open communication and collaboration, which is the base of the Preschool Integrated group model, has greatly benefited our students. Early intervention and providing a solid foundation of developmental skills will increase the likelihood of a child achieving his or her potential. Our goal is to saturate them in learning opportunities, enhanced with Occupational and Speech therapy intervention, to build a strong skill-set for participation in age-appropriate activities.

In June, Ms Maureen Graven-Eells class participated in a watermelon themed Preschool Integrated group. Students always begin with a welcome song that focuses on social interactions, following directions and motor coordination to prepare for the group. Speech therapist, Ms Agnes, used various photos to label a watermelon and explored the children’s understanding of where they might see or eat watermelon. The students were able to taste and touch pieces of chilled watermelon to have a full sensory experience. Yum! Several students needed guidance to explore the watermelon with their fingers to better tolerate the texture on their lips prior to eating the new food.

A fine motor activity followed the theme as students were able to build their own watermelon sun catchers. Each child had the opportunity to open a baggie, squeeze hair gel with red dye and count foam “seeds” to construct their own project. Occupational therapist, Ms Kim, was able to encourage the students to use their bilateral, visual-motor and fine motor skills throughout the activity. Students refined their pincer skills when picking up the small, coin-sized seeds and hand strength to squeeze the bottles of gel. Directionality concepts of top and bottom are always reinforced in a functional way. All of the students then transitioned from the table to the rug for a movement based activity. Each child had a turn to race the clock and use tongs to collect as many watermelon “seeds” as possible.

A positive, supportive environment nurtures the development and growth of our youngest students as they are encouraged to participate in various activities to improve their developmental skills. Collaboration between the therapists and classroom staff is important when preparing for group sessions to detail skill areas to address and how students are progressing with the generalization of skills. Classroom staff members are hands-on during each Integrated group to help the children and learn new techniques to carry over skills into their daily classroom activities. Our Preschool Integrated group is a wonderful example of how a team approach will help our students succeed!

By, Kimberly Scheetz, OT

Special Olympics 2015!

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Congratulations to our Swim and Track Athletes!

Track Team

Reina C., Jessica D., Megan D., Josh D., Molly K., Sean M., Delia M., Paul R., Allyn V., Matthew A., Armani M., Ariel L., & Dameyn G.

Swim Team

Denny N., TJ L., Connor S., Evan V., Phillip K., Benjamin M., & Christopher P.

Our Athletes Won Medals!

Our Swim Team brought home:




Our Track Team brought home:




What's Splashing?


By, Adell Valasek


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BCSSSD Spelling Bee Winners!

1st Place: Lyric E.

2nd Place: Courtney C.

3rd Place: Kashmere S.

BCSSSD Lumberton: First Annual Softball and Basketball Awards Banquet!

BCSSSD ROCKS with Manno Family & Friends Band!

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BCSSSD Basement Bistro celebrates our Graduates!

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Elementary campus students proudly display their tables produced in Production Shop with Mr. McHugh & Miss Erin Rambo.

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Students in Ms. Stewart's class raised $320 dollars for the Red Cross's Nepal Relief Fund.

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PASC student, Keenan has been spending time working in the garden with Miss Kathie.

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BCSSSD's Student Weather Art

Students created these original works of art for the Burlington County Times. Thank you to the following teacher's for your submissions:

Ms. Bennett

Mr. Clark
Ms. Friel
Ms. Hepp
Ms. Hewitt

American Legion Poster Contest Winners

Westampton American Legion Post 509 announced the Annual Safety Poster contest winners:

1st place: Storm S.
2nd place: Jayden E.
3rd place: (tie) Christopher M.

Thank you to our Bell Choir for performing!

Westampton Marriott invited our students to their 3rd annual luncheon, congratulating all who participated in the Community Based Instruction Program.

Our resident Lip Syncing Experts! Congrats on a STAR performance!

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Attention Parents/Guardians: BCSSSD Parent/Guardian Emergency Contact Information Update

Please take a couple minutes to fill out this form in its entirety and submit to the district today. This form is to collect updated emergency contact information for BCSSSD students. It is critical for student safety, enabling the district to effectively communicate in case of emergency, or for informational purposes.

Thank you for your consideration.


Special Education Article Links:

Diplomas Count 2015: Report and Graduation Rates

Next Steps: Life After Special Education


Attn Parents/Guardians: 2015 Graduates Aging Out of the School System


BCSSSD PTA: Check out our new website link for important information:


Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 3, 2015. 7 p.m., Westampton Campus Media Center

Special Guest: Bancroft

Bancroft at BCSSSD

Day Habilitation and Community-Based Program for Disabled Adults

Like our PTA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BCSSSDPTA

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Save the Date!

BCSSSD Annual Golf Outing

Monday, Aug. 10th, 7:30am-4pm

1416 Highland Avenue

Cinnaminson, NJ

Riverton Country Club

Save the date! More information coming soon!

New Emergency Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures:

In the event of a campus emergency or inclement weather, staff members will be contacted via email, phone message, and text message. In addition, we will post a Special Alert Message on our website.

Staff Members, Help us Contact You.

Have you moved? Have you changed your phone number or email address? Please make sure to update your information with BCSSSD Personnel. A TEST Emergency Notification Message was sent on November 19, to ensure everyone's information is up-to-date and you will receive our future notifications.

Students will be contacted using information stored in Genesis, our electronic student database. Parents should be reminded to ensure their contact information is up-to-date. Any changes should be reported to the main office of the student's school.