Department of Fiber Manufacturing!!

what fibers do we use? thats a good question!


advantages are- It’s absorbent - It’s breathable ,It doesn’t stain easily ,It resists static ,It has a soft touch ,It can withstand high heat , It’s inexpensive

disadvantages are- Cotton is not wrinkle resistant. Cotton fades in sunlight. Cotton dries slowly.Cotton is prone to shrinking and stretching.

possible end uses are- create multiple fashion pieces and many different types of clothing.

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advantages are- holds moisture without feeling wet, resilient fabric. is fire, dirt, and static resistant. great thermal insulator.

disadvantages are-can be scratchy and uncomfortable to wear, tends to pill easily.Heat, moisture, and agitation can cause wool to felt

possible end uses are- apparel- outerwear, sports wear, sweaters, socks, suits -interiors- carpets, wall hangings (wool is the “look” against which synthetic carpets are measured) -industrial- felt pieces used in machines, used to clean up oil spills

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advantages are- colorfast, stain resistant, fade resistant

disadvantages are- wears easily in traffic areas, oils bond to fibers causing discoloration

possible end uses are- clothing, dresses, blouses, jackets, separates, sportswear, suits, shirts, pants, rainwear, lingerie

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