London,United Kingdom

Culture filled, calm, relaxing-city full of fun!

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Taste of Freedom

When you think of London's food you think of tea and crumpets, but thats not the case. London is surprisingly a lot like the United States. They have chinese, indian and mexican food, although they have a few foods that are un-common to the U.S.

One is the Toad-in-the-hole, made with sausage and in the winter. Also theres bread and butter pudding made for four people at anytime. Every morning in London they have bacon, sausage, egg, baked beans, mushrooms, and bread and butter. So if you decide to go to London try all these recipes.

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Londons history

Some people don't think that culture and history is not important, but in London's its a different story. For starter they have no written constitution. Second Mary Stuart became queen when she was only 6 days old. Now to the culture part. 44% of the population is catholic. 3% are muslims and thats their second most practiced religion. Then most of the others are non-religous. So conclusion their history and culture is important to them, but interesting to us.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

For starters there are many exciting and fun or calm relaxing areas to go in London. An example is if your having a difficult time finding a place just go on the london eye, the worlds largest observation wheel held by one giant pole above the water. Another place you could go to chill out is St. James park, Only one of the gorgeous parks in London. A historical is the trafalgar square that holds its place in the middle London since 1845. A great hotel is the Marriott hotel county hall, the pricing is around 300$ to 400$. All of these places are just examples there are many many more.

Historical landmarks

Many history is in London like London eye, the british museum, Big ben, and the hatfield house. Like in 1967 the construction of the London Bridge began, then ended in 1973. Also the Tower of London, the tower that borders the city, and is the oldest building in London. Next is the Big Ben, it was named after st. Benjamin hall, an official in London. Last was one of the first queens of London, Mary Stuart. She was crowned to the thrown when she was only six days old. So as a result of all these landmarks and the memories of the past, stick to the present.

The way they speak

Have you ever wondered if London speak british or maybe american or even if the have their own written language, well find out here! In London their most common language they have spoken is english. Their second most common spoken language is scots which is very popular next to english. They also speak various languages

including German, Gaelic, Welsh and many more. There are many interesting languages that you could learn. Picture came from

Mysteries of the Whether

All through London's seasons, they have typical whether, like the U.S. When ever its cold its about 40 degrees,but rarely drops down to freezing. You should most likely bring a heavy coat, jeans, and long sleeved shirts. In the summer its about 70 degrees and higher, defiantly bring a comfy shoes like slip on's, a jacket, shorts, and some t-shirts. All year long its frequently so bring an umbrella just in case. IN a result now you have some facts on the whether so you can be prepared.

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Welcome to London - The Greatest City in the World