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April and May were our biggest months in 2015!

Let's do it again! I don't want anyone to miss out on any of the HUGE opportunities in April + May! There are so many reasons to reach out to your network and so many reasons specifically to wear and want jewelry! From prom, end of the year teacher gifts, vacation outfits, weddings, the Kentucky Derby to Mother's Day and I am sure a million other great things I didn't even think of the reasons are there and they are FUN!!

Get excited and get your network excited!

TEAM~ I know that many of you will not be able to attend SOAR this May. I know we are having a national POP UP booking challenge for April with some prizes for the winning team to indulge in at SOAR and some of you may be thinking it is not a big deal to take part because you are not going. Let's look at that a different way......
Myself as well as several Sweet Bees WILL be going to SOAR so you want OUR TEAM to win whether you can make it to SOAR or not.
WHY????? Because if we win we will have some INSIDE VIP info to bring back to you all to share!!!! Priceless motivation, encouragement as well as insider secrets only the winning team will get. SO we need to ALL be onboard for this SOAR challenge!!!!!
HOW????? BOOK APRIL POP UPS NOW!!!! Get them scheduled in your dashboard NOW!!!!! I promise IF we win, I will make sure every. single. one of YOU benefits from what we experience!!!

>Set up a call with me to talk about how to get them booked! (This is also a way to check off a BINGO box for those of you who are working on your BINGO boards! If you didn't get this and you want to be entered into our raffle, text me and I will send it to you!)

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Be on the National Call Tuesday!

Make sure to be on the National call Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern (Always!) This week is the launch of the new capsule collection! I am having an online pop up the night of the launch and I am getting my VIPs excited now!! I started the month with an in home Pop Up over the weekend and I'm already over 1K in sales, so this is already a great month! It's going to just get better and I want you all to be on board!

Think of who might want to host a pop up, make a list and give them a call or invite them out to coffee! Get them excited! Its a fun excuse to have a Party! Or you can always host your own! The launch of a new collection is always a perfect reason to invite some ladies over and do a little shopping!

Good luck and remember to keep a constant calendar by booking pop ups from your pop ups! I try to ask at my events and in my thank you emails!

xo Janet