Michael Jackson

King of pop

Michael Jackson started his singing career early, only at the age of 5, when he joined the Jackson 5. His family was the reason Michael Jackson started singing. Their influence helped create the best singer in music history.

Plastic surgery?

If you know who Michael Jackson is you probably know that he got a lot of plastic surgery and looked completely different after all his surgery. Michael Jackson claimed he did as many as 100 procedures. Making himself into a real life version of Peter Pan.
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His Family

Michael Jackson was once married to Debbie Rowe. He had two kids with Debbie Rowe she was announced pregnant in 1996. After having the kids they later divorced in 1999. His kids names were Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, his daughter, and Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. After divorcing Debbie he married Lisa Marie Presley. Michael Jackson and Lisa had one kid together named Prince Michael ii.

Michael Jackson loved his children, but he didn't always make the right choices. Michael Jackson was on his balcony one day blowing kisses to his fans below. The next minute he was dangling his 9 month old baby Prince Michael II over a balcony. Below some of his fans were cheering others were screaming worried he might the baby. He later made and announcement apologizing about the incident.

His Accomplichments

No artist has accomplished what Michael Jackson has in the first years of his adult solo career. He has reached higher in pop culture then anyone has ever known. In 2009 Jackson was the biggest-selling artist in the world. Sadly that was the same year Michael Jackson passed away. Some of his most famous songs are, Thriller, Beat it, and Billie Jean. Those are only some of his most famous songs.


Michael Jackson made his videos like movies which is one thing that his is mainly known for. He has influenced many people, here are the most famous people he has influenced. Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Madonna. Those are only some of the famous people if you want to see the full list the links below.
Michael Jackson sadly did pass away on June 25 2009 in L.A. due to cardiac arrest. He died only at age 50.