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Beechwood's Program for Gifted Students

Gifted Program Opportunities

Grades K – 2

Students selected for the Primary Talent Pool in first and second grades worked with Mrs. Ludmann in small groups in the g/t classroom for 30 - 35 minutes Monday - Thursday. Different groups met during the year focusing on problem solving skills, creative thinking, and leadership/team building skills. Students attended one or more of these sessions depending on their areas of strength. A summary and progress report were sent home with participating students at the end of each session.

  • The process of selecting Kindergarten students for the Primary Talent Pool has begun. Mrs. Ludmann began meeting with small groups of students during the fourth quarter and will continue to collect evidence until the selection committee meeting in the fall.

Grades 3 – 4

Students in grades 3 - 4 also met with Mrs. Ludmann in small pull out groups during daily enrichment time. Because third and fourth grade shared the same enrichment time, these grade level groups met during alternating months throughout the year.

The first and second groups of third graders focused on Problem Solving. The third and fourth groups worked on Creative Thinking. We did not have sufficient time for the Leadership group and so will start with that topic first in the fall. All groups received progress reports and a summary of activities to bring home at the end of their session.

The first fourth grade group focused on Problem Solving and worked on a variety of activities including an origami unit. The second group focused on Creative Thinking activities and the fourth group focused on Leadership. Progress reports and summaries of activities went home with the students at the end of each session. I look forward to working with these students again in the fall.

Different small groups met during the year focusing on problem solving skills, creative thinking, and leadership/team building skills. Your child may have attend one, or more than one of these sessions depending on his/her areas of strength.

Grade 5 - 6

Students in grades 5 - 6 that are identified for the gifted program also met in small pull out groups with Mrs. Ludmann during daily Exploratory Time. Because 5th and 6th grade share the same Exploratory time, they met every other quarter. 6th graders that met during the first quarter completed either an Engineering (Rube Goldberg machine) unit or a Technology and Coding unit and those students received progress reports and a short unit summary with photos to bring home.

The 5th grade students that met during second quarter worked on a Quest Problem Solving unit that focused on six different problem solving strategies including Guess and Check, Draw a Picture, Work Backwards, Act It Out, and Look For A Pattern! The students worked as teams to earn travel dots for solutions and had to deal with both good and bad luck while drawing fate cards!

6th graders that met during the third quarter worked on a variety of projects including Machine Dissection, Drama Study, Geometric Line Design, Bridge Building, Zome Tools, Blow Paintings, or Passion Projects. Students were placed into two or more groups based on their interest surveys. A summary and progress report went home with each student along with completed work and project photos.

5th graders that met during the fourth quarter focused on a variety of Creative Thinking Skills including daily Think A Grams, hanging questions, learning stations, and a Mythology unit during which they researched existing myths and hybrid creatures and then created a hybrid creature of their own. These projects turned out great! A summary of these activities and a progress report were sent home with the students.

Grades 7 – 8

Mrs. Ludmann meets regularly with other Northern Kentucky Gifted Program Coordinators to plan activities for the middle school program. Pooling resources with other districts allows us to offer our students several opportunities throughout the year.

We worked again this year with UC’s CCM Prep Department on a series of events for students identified in the performing arts.

Students in grades 7 - 8 that are identified in Leadership were invited to attend a Leadership Symposium at Thomas More College. The students attended a large group presentation followed up with small break-out sessions where they participated in hands-on leadership activities.

Gifted students in 7th and 8th grade were also invited to attend the annual Dreamfest field trip to NKU in March. Gifted students from districts across Northern Kentucky attended a large group presentation followed by small group sessions based on the students’ area(s) of gifted identification.

Grades 9 - 12

Students in grades 9 - 12 are served through course selection and in-class differentiation. Teachers provided data regarding services they planned to offer in the classroom and this information was uploaded into the student's Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for parent review. Progress data collected from teachers was also included twice a year in the ILP.

Opportunities for Gifted Students:

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky


The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky is the Commonwealth’s high school for students interested in pursuing advanced careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Instead of spending their junior and senior years in traditional schools, our 128 students take all their coursework through Western Kentucky University with regularly-enrolled college students. The Gatton Academy empowers Kentucky’s exceptional young scientists and mathematicians to live and learn in an environment which offers advanced educational opportunities, preparing them for leadership roles. Visit https://www.wku.edu/academy/ for more information.

WKU Center for Gifted Studies

SCATS (Grades 6 – 8):

Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students

The Center for Gifted Studies, Western Kentucky University

June, 2017

This two week residential camp provides a wide range of classes for academically talented students in grades 6 - 8.

Visit: www.wku.edu/gifted for more information.

VAMPY (Grades 7 – 10):

Summer Program for Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth

The Center for Gifted Studies, Western Kentucky University

June – July, 2017

Students in grades 7 - 10 can qualify for VAMPY by taking the ACT or SAT and scoring at or above the average for college bound seniors. In this three week residential summer program, students spend 6 hours a day in a challenging, hands-on academic environment.

Visit: www.wku.edu/gifted for more information.

Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics

The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics is a dual-credit residential high school for academically exceptional Kentucky students. The Academy is housed on the campus of Morehead State University, consistently ranked as one of the safest campuses in the Commonwealth.

The Craft Academy is designed to meet the unique educational needs of academically gifted and talented high school juniors and seniors in the Commonwealth. A college-level curriculum allows students to finish high school while also completing up to two years of university coursework.

The academic rigor of the Craft Academy challenges students to excel at the highest level. They focus on a core of math and science courses while engaging in electives in arts and humanities. In addition, the Craft Academy offers unique, project-based STEM+X courses that enrich educational experiences and develop competencies in entrepreneurship and innovation, design and creativity, and civic and regional engagement.

The residential college experience and environment promotes excellence, innovation and creativity while developing the full potential of the state’s brightest minds and most promising future leaders. Students live on campus in a newly renovated residence hall designed for high school-aged students. The facility has meeting and social space and is staffed 24/7. Counselors and advisors are also be available. Visit: http://www.moreheadstate.edu/craft-academy/ for more information.

Go For Launch at Morehead State University's Craft Academy

Craft Academy is proud to announce that registration for our Go For Launch! summer program is now open!

What is Go For Launch! ?

Go For Launch! is a 4-day residential camp that uses space exploration as a platform to launch student involvement in STEM, STEAM, teamwork, communication and leadership. Our Go for Launch! theme is exomedicine.

Student teams will work together on collaborative activities before or after nearly every talk to earn daily awards. Each team will work together over the four days to define and design their own space experiment and present their ideas to a panel of judges from the Space and STEM fields. The judges will choose a winner from each Go For Launch! event and the winning experiment will be launched into space.

Go for Launch! is open to male or female students who are entering 8th, 9th or 10th grade. The camp will take place July 24-28 and participants will stay at Grote-Thompson Hall, the Craft Academy’s residence hall on MSU’s campus. This year’s camp will feature sessions with astronaut Don Thomas.

For more information or to register please visit our website: http://www.moreheadstate.edu/Academics/Craft-Academy/Go-For-Launch

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!



Sunshine Stamper

Office Associate, Craft Academy

Thompson Hall

Telephone: 606-783-5102

Fax: 606-783-9159

NKU's Institute for Talent Development and Gifted Studies Camp Innovation 2017

Northern Kentucky University's Institute for Talent Development and Gifted Studies is excited to share our summer 2017 Camp Innovation Pathways to College Program for Gifted and Talented Youth Program.

Camp Innovation is a trailblazing program designed for high potential and gifted youth to discover and explore advanced content and engaged learning. All classes provide the opportunity for students to share interests with other children while exploring pathways to intellectual development, academic enhancement, career exploration, and creative artistic fulfillment. We offer transdisciplinary courses infusing entrepreneurship, science, mathematics, social studies, technology, visual and performing arts, and original interdisciplinary studies.

The program will be held Monday-Friday, June 12-16, 8:30-11:30 at Northern Kentucky University. This enrichment program allows the opportunity for students in kindergarten through sixth grade to attend classes at Northern Kentucky University and learn with peers of similar abilities and interests.

Our program brochure can be downloaded http://gifted.nku.edu. Online registration will continue through June 5th. For the best choice of classes, register early.

If you have any questions or would like further information, we can be reached at gifted@nku.edu or phone 859-572-5600.

ExploreMore (Grades K – 8):

We are excited to let you know that the ExploreMore Program for students in grades K-4 is being offered at Covington Latin School. We are also announcing the Leaders Launch Pad program for students in grades 5-8.

ExploreMore! and Leaders Launch Pad are popular enrichment programs designed to meet the needs of academically, creatively, and artistically gifted students. ExploreMore! courses are for students from kindergarten through fourth grade and Leaders Launch Pad courses are for students in grades five through eight. We offer an ever-changing variety of courses in science, mathematics, visual and performing arts, and original interdisciplinary studies to offer a learning culture where vibrant minds come together to encourage and motivate each other. Students choose their own classes on a first-come first-served basis.

Both programs are held at Covington Latin School on Saturdays.

Please visit http://covingtonlatin.org/view/home/about-us/exploremore--leaders-launch-pad.aspx for more information.

Super Saturday Program (Ages 4 – 14):

The Super Saturday Program is a quality enrichment program for intellectually gifted children, ages 4-14, in the Greater Cincinnati area. Starting in the Fall of 1981, the Super Saturday Program has grown from serving a handful of gifted children at the University of Cincinnati's main campus to serving hundreds of children each session in classrooms on UC Victory Parkway Campus in Walnut Hills.

A wide variety of classes are available. Please visit: http://supersaturday.org/ for more information.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Stanford University selects top high school students from around the world to participate in engaging summer academic programs. These programs are ideal for gifted students currently in grades 8 – 12. These programs offer highly motivated, intellectually curious students the opportunity to investigate topics not typically taught in secondary schools. Students engage in small classes taught by instructors who are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching. In this setting, students hone their academic skills and form new friendships with intellectual peers. Students in the residential programs get a taste of college life on the beautiful Stanford campus. Past students have described their Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies experience as life-changing. Applications are open for all programs. Visit spcs.stanford.edu/nagc for more information.

Additional Resources for Parents and Students

Kentucky Association for Gifted Education




GT World


Gifted Child Development Center




National Research Center for Gifted Children


National Association for Gifted Education


The Center For Gifted Studies


Super Saturday Program


Visit this website for more information on the Super Saturday Program, a Saturday enrichment program for intellectually gifted children in grades Pre-K - 8 offered by the Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc.

Gatton Academy of Math and Science


Includes information about The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University, a residential program allowing juniors and seniors to earn up to 60 college credit hours in addition to completing high school. Students must apply during their sophomore year.



Center for Math and Science


Drake Planetarium


Cincinnati Museum Center


Baker Hunt Academy


Cincinnati Art Academy


Cincinnati Art Museum


Innovate Kentucky Contest List


Includes a wide variety of student contests focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development


Welcome to the Davidson Institute. We are a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted students 18 and under.



SENG's mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

CCM Preparatory Department


Explore summer programs offered by the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music Preparatory Department. Offering courses and camps in music, theatre arts, and dance.

Summer Institute for the Gifted


Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) offers residential and day camp programs for academically talented students ages 5 - 18 at various locations across the country and in London.