My Technology Class

Reed Reimer

Typing Web

  1. We do it every day for 5 minutes at the beginning of class.
  2. If you got to the end of the intermediate course by the end of the first quarter you got a 4.
  3. Sometimes we got to play typing games like nitro type .


  1. We made a iTrailer about our life and what we like to do.
  2. I made mine about my football team.
  3. It was fun because we got to take lots of pictures and videos.

Career Locker

  1. Mr. Noe came to our classroom to teach Career Locker.
  2. For my dream job I chose a professional athlete.
  3. We took lots of tests to find out what kind of jobs we are good at.

Haiku Deck

  1. My class made a Haiku Deck about our dream job.
  2. I did mine on a professional athlete.
  3. Haiku Deck is similar to power point and Google slides.

Explain Everything

  1. We did our explain anything on a math problem.
  2. On explain everything you can draw and talk into your iPad at the same time so it makes for a cool presentation.
  3. My math problem was, "Mom bought 4 egg cartons. Each carton had 6 eggs in it. 2 eggs were bad. How many good eggs did mom get?"

Hour of Code

  1. My class used Hour of Code to learn about writing code.
  2. We played games like code combat and flappy code.
  3. I did code during national computer science week.

Email Etiquette

  1. My class did a work sheet about how to correctly write a e-mail.
  2. We had to e-mail Mrs. Myers using correct Email Etiquette.
  3. I also watched a video to learn more about Email Etiquette.