My Smore Flyer

By: Noemi Jerez

Literary Techniques

A simile is a sentence that has a 2 words like as or like. A metaphor is 2 thing alike and 1 thing is another. A Hyperbole is using a exaggeration something in a sentence. Alliteration is a same initial or first letter in the word. Onomatopoeia is a sound or a noise that resembles it. Personification is something real combine with something that is not real.

Examples: Simile: That pencil is so sharp it looks like a sharks teeth.

Metaphor: The homework was a breeze.

Hyperbole: This book weighs a ton.

Alliteration: Sally sells shells at the seashore.

Onomatopoeia: The superhero smashed the car and sounded like BANG! POW!

Personification:The teddy bear was sad and looked at his feet.

Poetic Devices in songs