"The Tortise & The Hare"

The REAL Version

The REAL Vesion of "The Tortise and the Hare."

In a tiny island inside the middle of the “Bermuda Triangle,” The Hare also known as “Dirty Harry,” had challenged a tortoise named “Terry.” “A Week from now,” Harry said, “You’ll have lost 10 minutes into the race!” Terry said nothing. This stunned the hare, he’s never been given the silent treatment before in his entire life! The day of the race was kind of odd due to the fact that the tortoise dressed as Amelia Earhart. The Hare made fun of him until… “HEY! Why are you dressed like that clueless doofus that got lost here?” Okay the Hare stole my words except for Doofus! Again Terry Surprised him with these exact words, “Because I wanted to.” Replied Terry! Suddenly the race started! Harry quickly rushed through the Hare check half way through the course and he’s on top of the hill so he could see how far behind he or the tortoise were away from each other! But the tortoise was nowhere to be seen! “That’s odd,” thought Harry, “He can’t be far from me at all and besides I…” He look at the other side and this time he forgot to keep his thoughts to himself. “WHAT THE [BLEEP]? HOW DID HE GET PAST ME?! IT’S NOT POSSIABLE! By the time he got to the finish line he asked, “HOW DID YOU GET TO THE FINISH LINE SO QUICKLY?! THERE’S NO WAY THAT YOU CAN GET HERE BEFORE ME! Terry replied with a shocking truth, “I rode an airplane when you were far enough to where you can’t see me launching! And I rode high enough to where you couldn’t see me in the sky!”

The End

Moral Of the Story: Think Outside the box!