Not again!

by: Luke Brooks

no more!

If a cowboy had to leave his town I for one would not go back out in the hot desert like land and walk for miles away from home just to earn some good cash. why would he when he can get a job right in town and stay with his family and friends. just imagine non-stop days the same thing just walking miles through the terrain and having to deal with ferocious predators and over 1,000 cattle. you're going to need a lot of supplies and a lot of money if the trail boss, but just being a cowboy you could get sick, injured, or die!

wow it's hot!

The climate that the cowboys faced were way out of there comfort zone and made the journey one hundred times worse. Just the thought of them pulling through is astounding and with little water around those cows must have stunk. Besides the cowboys the weather reached to the 90's and with this weather a lot of cowboys and cattle would love some shade. Also maybe even the cattle got a little lazy and would like to rest themselves, so was probably pretty frustrating to rest every five seconds with a bunch of smelly animals.

watch out

There are more dangers then the environment some is what lives in that area like a slithering, quiet, fork tongued snake! a trail would be terrible to re-up with all of that cattle and snakes lurking every corner. snakes aren't the only threat there are also terrifying spiders that only takes one bite to stop a cowboy from getting his check. Think about the cattle too they stop and lay under some shade but what they don't know is that they're sharing the shade with a sleeping diamond back but it's too late.


a lot of the time it's your health that is at risk like getting a fever and already being in the hot environment you feel even worse. 100's of cowboys died of Pneumonia, Malaria, Whooping cough, and Scarlet fever, but there are way more then that and some medicine just didn't do the trick. so some didn't make it can you imagine dying for just some money you could have stayed home and made? well I guess that's the price they paid to keep there family healthy but apparently he wasn't healthy at all and he's now in the back of a carriage ready to take home and tell the family.

i'm staying home

In conclusion I would not go through that suffering again to earn a few bucks and put my life in danger maybe the men there have a family and people who rely on him. the cautions on a trail are more then just maybe you'll break an arm or knock your head some people have died just from walking across a river and fallen in and drowned. Even the cattle die left and right each one can sense water miles away so they follow there gut and dive right in and drown. so why go through all the trouble and stay home and get another job instead of going out and risking your life for nothing.

not today

re-upping on a cattle drive is like saying I'm going to go chase a tornado and hurl my self at it just for a few bucks so i for one would stay home and get a job in town. If you want to be a cook on the trail why not just get a job at the bakery, or just sell your food alone locally around town. some don't just get hurt on the trail some even die because of the harsh environment on the trail like the wild life, heat, and diseases. so next time there is a cattle drive ready for volunteers and they ask for some one to join say "not again!".