By: Caleb Pace


Mexico's geography is mountainy and has a lot of forests.


Some of the mexican sports are bullfighting, soccer and boxing.

Bull fighting- The close proximity places the bullfighter at some risk of being gored or trampled by the weakened bull. They try to kill it by stabbing it with a sword.

Soccer- There are two separate playoff and league divisions. This system is common throughout Latin America. After many years of calling the regular seasons

Boxing- In Mexico boxing is considered a major sport, having produced more amateur and professional world champions than any other nation. Mexico ranks first worldwide between countries with most boxing world champions and is the only country to have world champions accredited in all of the current boxing divisions except the Heavyweight division.


Mexico has many industries including. They are iron, oil, steel, petroleum, mining. Mexico is a great producer of oil. It sells a lot of its oil to the USA. It has a major trade rout from mexico to the USA.


Mexico's climate can vary from tropical to a desert. In the north its a desert. In the south its more of a tropical climate. 25 percent of mexico is forests. In the north there are more mountains.


Mexico has a lot of mountains including the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental.

Sierra Madre Occidental is a mountain range in northwestern Mexico and southern Arizona

Sierra Madre Oriental is mountain range in northeastern Mexico