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Branch of Science

Geneticists are in the the life branch since they work with genes which are part of the everything living making it part of life.

Education Path

To be a geneticist you would need a degree in genetics. It is the study of units of heredity known as genes. Geneticists study how genes transfer information. They must study DNA and copy its instructions down several times.Geneticist study how different combinations of 4 chemicals change the way our body's develop. Some helpful high school classes that would help me earn this major are biology, advanced biology, chemistry,English composition,physics,and pre- calculus. To get this job, in college I would also need to take courses like molecular toxicology,cell biology, and animal genetics.

Training Schools and College

Required Test Scores

GPA: 3.5-3.9



About the Job

Geneticists research genes in plants and animals. They study genes of plants in the way that for example when a certain plant has genes that keep insects from eating it,they can transfer that gene into a plant that is commonly eaten by insects. When they study genes of humans they can study the ones that react to disease and use that information to make vaccines.

How Common is the Job?

The job is not the most common with 2 openings in Green Bay. One is at they University of Green Bay and is not as common as the technical jobs there.

Salary and employers

The national average is more than the Wisconsin average with the national salary being $41,560 to $142,800 and the Wisconsin average being $34,310 to 86,560. The national employment rate is 31%.

Why I think it is a good job

I could see myself doing this job because I am interested in biology and genetics.

Pros: the job pays very well and is interesting.

Cons:it is not the most common job,lack of communication with management, benefits weren't the best.


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