Welcome to the Empire State!

New York New York is waiting!

What To Pack

New York is located at a latitude of 40 47 N and longitude 73 58 W. It is located along the coast with an elevation of 132 ft. For you winter breakers looking to come to New York, pack a coat! New York can get some pretty heavy snowfall this time of year and can drop into the twenties! It has a fairly wet climate this time of year, better bring some rain boots and an umbrella!

Some of the breathtaking views:

What to do in the Big Apple

New York has some great family friendly places to visit!
  • Visit the Empire State Building
  • Take a boat tour of the whole city
  • Climb the Statue of Liberty
  • Visit the Twin Towers Memorial

Great places for adults

Some great things to do include:
  • Visit Rudy's Bar and Grill
  • Blow your taste bus away at Extra Virgin Mediterranean food.
  • See the great lights of Time Square
  • Go see some of the great art meseums

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