Landform Regions of Canada


These stretch from Georgia, U.S., through Newfoundland up North. They are infact, the OLDEST highland region, about 300 million years old. In cold, winter days the Appalachians would be covered in snow and ice. Since they are very large all you would see are bright white covered hills and mountains. In the summer flowers bloom and the mountains are nice and green. With the ocean by these mountains, it would be a beautiful sight to see. There are some gentle wilderness as well. It is very lovely.

Appalachians Geology

The Appalachian Mountains extends 315 308km and was formed 300 million years ago when the euramerica contient and the Gondwanaland smashed together pushing up land that formed the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachians goes 955km north-south and 1 564km east-west. The provinces percentage of range area is – Newfoundland (35%), Quebec (25%), New Brunswick (19%), Nova Scotia (18%), and Prince Edward Island (2%).The Appalachians is located 46°21’N, 61°16’W.  The 10 highest peaks in the Appalachians are- Mont Jacques Cartier (1,268m), Mont de la passé (1,240+m), Mont Comet (1,232m), Mont les Cônes (1,207m), Mont Rolland-Germain (1,202m), mont Richardson (1,180+m), Mont de la Table (1,180+m), Mont Albert (1,151m), mont Logan (1,150+m), Petit Mont Sainte-Anne (1,147m), White Hill (535m) 

Appalachians climate

     the climate in he Appalachians is generally humid and temperate, however it does get alot of snow and rain, due to the large ocean that surrounds it, and the coastline it's in. It is also very far up from the equator, making it usually cold. The climate varies by seasons.


Glaciations over this long period of time have played a large part in this erosion to forming the Applachians. It grinded down the peaks, separated hills and mountains with wide glacial valleys. Wilderness also formed and the ocean gives this place moisture to its air. The last ice age had the weight of the ice press down the Appalachians. As it sank and ice melted, it was flooded by the sea, and created the long bays that formed a "drowned coastline". It has been a great priority for ocean freighters. The wonderful ocean that surrounds this land was very effectice in how these mountains formed.
The Appalachain Mountains
Appalachian Mountains