The Evolution of The Flat Screen TV

Elizabeth Denis-Torres

The flat screen T.V

The flat screen T.V is a device that creates images by shinning light through a liquid crystal solution cased in two thin transparent panels.

What year was it invented?

It was invented in July 1964.

The Flat Screen TV versions:

1. Epsom Derpy - 1923

2. Electric television - 1927

3. The 1st prototype flat screen tv - 1964

4. curved flat screen TV - 2014/2015

Who invented it?

University of Illinois professors

-Donald Biter & Gene Slottow. The two men were assisted by graduate student: Robert Wilson

The flat screen TV was invented because it was Skinner than the regular TV so it took up less space in the house.

3 interesting facts

1. The 1st ever tv was made in 1923

2. The latest flat screen TV is curved

3. TV's used to have the big backs now they have evolved and they don't have them anymore.


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