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November Update

Last month, I shared about two approaches to our world and culture that Christian leaders can take. These are postures the church and her leaders have taken from the time of the book of Acts. One is what I will term the “fighter” – the one who faithfully stands opposed to obvious error and evil. The other is what I will term the “infiltrator ” – the one who enters into and engages societal systems to seek to effect change from within. I did not talk about a third historical posture which I will call the “alternate” – the one who chooses to withdraw from the world to create a different space in which to live well and righteously.

All three of these are historical and legitimate leadership postures, and life is certainly more nuanced and less categorical than this. Leaders themselves will often have to situationally choose which of these to use. Whichever the approach, we are all called by God to exercise leadership by which others would say – that is certainly a follower of Jesus.

I am privileged to lead and work with such leaders in the ACTS Group. In this November update, you will hear from our “fantastic four” staff – Megan, Mike, Janie Lynne and Merisa. If anything sparks an interest, reach out to them as they are here to serve you. And remember, if you are reading this – you are the ACTS Group.

Jeff Kreiser - ACTS Group Director

Every School Partnership: Be Undivided

I think you will agree with me that mobilizing churches to serve every public elementary, middle and high school in the Sacramento Region is a huge undertaking! But, it is possible with God and is even easier with help from friends. With the launch of Every School Partnership in the Sacramento region, The ACTS Group is honored to learn from the work of BeUndivided, an organization that inspires and equips churches to begin and sustain school partnerships based on the experience of Southlake Church's partnership with Portland's Roosevelt High School. Through a generous grant from the Expectations Project, BeUndivided is taking their vision and resources on the road to three new cities over the next year, including Sacramento. On October 8th and 9th, BeUndivided's founder and Lead Pastor of Southlake Church, Kip Jacob came with a team of representatives to encourage and train key leaders in the region toward healthy partnerships. The ACTS Group is looking forward to a continued relationship with BeUndivided as we encourage and equip partnerships in the region.

Megan McCleary - Serve United Director
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What is Prayer Leaders Fellowship?

On a day culturally associated with darkness, the light shone bright as church prayer leaders came together on October 31. Prayer Leaders Fellowship is a quarterly meeting of those leading prayer ministries in local churches. The gathering is designed to encourage, support, inspire and equip these leaders for their work in the local church. This event was held at Restoration Life Church and the prayer leaders got to know one another over a meal and were encouraged through messages by Pastor Dan Axtell and Pastor Jeff Kreiser. There was also time taken to pray for one another's churches. The morning ended with a wonderful time of worship and prayer claiming victory over our region's communities, schools, and businesses as many experienced the presence of God.We are believing God for greater unity between pastors and prayers, greater healing in our families and friends, and greater evidence of the Kingdom of God.

Mike Brill
- SacramentoPRAYS
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Convergence Conversation "Live"

Convergence Conversation “Live” was a morning filled with wisdom, excitement, and connection! We experienced a wide variety of “moments” - from everyone in the room chanting "I believe that we will win" to heart rending stories of refugees from the other side of the world. This was a rewarding experience for everyone present – and more is yet to come as these talks become podcasts in the coming months. Emily Cortese, a leader who was present representing World Relief, said "Convergence Conversation provides the intelligent, safe environment needed to address some of the most sensitive issues in society today." Interested in hearing some of the topics covered? Check out the videos and podcasts from previous Convergence Conversations on our website! You can also let me know if you want to receive a weekly Wednesday update featuring one of these talks by a Sacramento/Capital region leader.

Janie Lynne Lovejoy - Administrative Coordinator

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Financial Update & Partners Like You

With Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December - we have officially entered into one my favorite times of the year. The weather has cooled, Starbucks has their signature Fall Red colored cups, and I am RSVP'ing to family dinner and events. With all of the Holiday hustle and bustle of buying gifts, wrapping them, and mailing them off to loved ones, how many of us have stopped to think about our neighbors? God has blessed us as His children and it is our job to help those around us understand the gift that He has given us. As we enter into the Holidays, I ask that you put The ACTS Group on your shopping list. Rather than buying a present, wrapping it with a bow, and mailing it out, plan now to make a contribution to ACTS to help us share the gift of the gospel with those around us! As you join others in financial giving, we will be able to continue to be a catalyst and mobilizer of gospel work in this region. Please join me in that journey. ACTS Group is on my list!

Merisa Moy - Finance and Development Officer

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ACTS Group Endorsement

Pastor Francis Anfuso, The Rock of Roseville, Roseville

"There is nothing more strategic taking place to mobilize the Body of Christ in the Sacramento region than the ACTS Group. Thousands of Christ-followers over the past few years have joined together to reach beyond the church walls and love their neighbor through ACTS. The marvelous ACTS team is leading the charge to see our region touched by the love of Jesus flowing through His people. I support them 1,000 percent."

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