Can canines have careers

The job industry of dogs

Breeding standards

There are ten major dog breeds that work for the major jobs that dogs do. But they're hard to find because most breeds in america are mixed. And most of these dogs are larger dogs, because they need to be active, and able to protect their owners.
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Dog statistics

In the us alone people this year spent $55.35 billion on their dogs, and 57.67 million households in america have at least one dog. And 95% of service dogs can go into public settings. 75% of dogs in america are mixed breeds.
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About dog jobs

  • detection dogs in the army have a 98.9% success rate of bomb detection
  • there are about 8,000-20,000 guide dogs working every day
  • acting dogs have to go through vigorous training for many years to even have a small role in a movie
  • herding dogs can herd hundreds of animals at a time
  • hearing dogs must be energetic, and ready to work all the time.
  • they also must be friendly and people oriented
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SERVICE DOGS- These are dogs that help people with disabilities

BREEDS- A type of dog

DETECTION DOGS- These dogs help find things like drugs, bombs, and firearms