November 4th - 8th


November 4th: All Grades

Discuss the definition to the right about gratitude.

Have your students think at least one person they are thankful for today.

November 5th: All Grades

Watch the video below.

Kid President comes up with some fun, funny, and silly things that he is thankful for. What is something small that makes you smile that you are thankful for?

November 6th: All Grades

Start off with a new greeting. Pick your favorite morning greeting to do with your class today. :) Look to the right for a few examples.

Discussion Question:

Why is a morning greeting or any other way of saying hello something to be thankful for?

November 7th: All Grades

Watch the video below with your students.

(Kinder- 1st: You might have to explain the video in more detail to your students. )

Follow Up Question:

1. Have you ever been so stressed out or worried that you didn't show gratitude like you should have at first? Do you think that was what happened with the guy in the video.

2. Has there been a time when you weren't patient or kind and someone showed you kindness? Do you feel gratitude for their kindness?

November 8th: All Grades

Three Thankful Things...

Have your students come up different categories of things they can be grateful for:

Examples: People, places, experiences, things, etc.

Have them come up with three of their own grateful memories. They can share one if you have time.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary