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Assistance to find suitable

VEU appears to be well advanced in network creation in the target group, where other supervisors may still be touching anxious and perplexed by the question of how to get in contact with the target queuing system audience. But the target is far from being integrated into Danish, professional network. VEU deliver future a three-part operation service to the target audience: an initial guidance including lawyer and accountant, so ongoing coaching and possibly assigning a mentor. VeUS customers can help themselves, which reinforces the viability.

This principle is discussed combined with the queuing system close and frequent contact at the initiative of the special consultant Motto be the main reason for the goodwill VEU attributed to the target group. One reason is probably that a number IP via the consultant receives more than ordinary good exposure through journalistic press coverage not only in the local newspaper and the district newspaper, but also regionally eg JV. JylP, TV SYD, P4 triangle, etc. In addition to the strong local contacts operating officer MT on several other levels.

Knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer is done dynamically in a number of interfaces between local businesses, municipal administrations, local and national associations, national and international level EU especially. VEU thus participates through conferences in international cooperation with comparative. The message conveyed queuing system is that you can build an effective knowledge-sharing and action platform through experience building and steeply rising learning curve by continuous task focus for several years. It should be mentioned that a few targeted, often self-taught entrepreneurs do not want to attribute a significant part of their growth or successful survival of the receiving guidance from VEU.

They stress own willpower, effort, actions and experiences. VeUS leader of entrepreneurial efforts as a whole would point out that this project has led to the development of two new offerings in the area of VeUS general product range. First, they used entering methodology to a general implementation of VEU in the form of a mentor database containing people with skills and wishes are built from queue management theory the inspiration include from the method introduced in this growth project. It contains P.T.

Over 20 people and made 12 matches compared to entrepreneurs and small businesses across VeUS wide audience. Partly have been made and queue management theory published a handbook of mentor ship. VeUS the latest version of the tool Business Plan was to include inspired by MTS stepwise methodology: Now go home and answer to this question, and then come back. Before, entrepreneurs were just stuck a business plan in hand with the message: Come queue management theory back when you have completed it.

In the new version of the business plan, we provide a simpler question that via macros in the COP leader entrepreneur interactively through the plan, so that irrelevant topics omitted. In the end, forming an actual business plan. The most positive pattern found in a few of queuing system the respondents to the question in the title match, No, on the contrary.

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