Preventing labrum tear


- Aching Sensation in shoulder joint

- Shoulder weakness

- Catching, slipping, or popping sensation

- Pain in a direct location of your shoulder

- Instability

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Labrum tears are almost all of the time caused by direct hits to the shoulder or falling to the ground with an outstretched arm. The labrum can also become torn from wear and tear of activity called overuse. Throwing a baseball can also tear your labrum Because the biceps pulls on the top part of the labrum.


Your daily life can be majorly effected or not with this condition. Joint instability, pain, and inflammation. If you are involved in a sport then this can be a 3-6 month set back in that sport season. With a torn labrum it makes it easier for the shoulder to dislocate causing you to drop out of sports. If you aren't in sports then you MAY be able to go through every day life with this ligament torn. It can cause pain for some people and for some it can be unknown that it's torn. It all depends on the person. It effects your musculatory system.

Treatments and Preventions

Really the only treatment to a torn labrum is surgery. It is an option to just leave it be but it could cause some weakness, discomfort, and pain to some. There are many ways to prevent torn labrums. The first way is it build good strong muscles around the shoulder to hold stability for the shoulder to not slip out of place. Lots of rubber band exercises and physical therapy treatment would be advised. Another way would be to wear a shoulder brace. The Sully shoulder brace would be a great option to choose. This brace will keep the shoulder in place and not let it slip out. And the final option would be to plan and simply extract yourself from any sport or activity that may cause you to fall or get your arm tangled up.
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My Prevention

If I were a scientist and I had to come up with a prevention to a torn labrum I would do this. I would create a facility where athletes could come in and get their shoulder laxcicity which would tell me how vulnerable they are to a shoulder dislocation.

Long Term Effects

- lingering pain

- fear

- soreness

- tightness

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