Participate Learning

Find. Connect. Collaborate.


Participate Learning is an app that can be downloaded to Mac, Windows, or Windows 8 computers. Unfortunately there is not an app that can be downloaded to smartphones or iPads.

Why Use Participate Learning?

Participate Learning is an easy tool to use. It is laid out extremely nicely. If you have ever tried to find a lesson to fit with your Common Core standards or just key standards that you would like to cover you know that it can be kind of difficult. Participate Learning is a collaboration of what teachers have done in the past and gives you lesson activities for that topic.


Participate Learning is a free app! All you need to do is sign up and start collecting. Although this website does provide some really great apps with the lessons but some of the apps you have to pay for.

Pedagogical Uses:

Participate learning is a tool that can be used by teachers who teach k-12. You can select what subject you want to teach, along with what grade level you are teaching at. It then provides you with a list of resources that would be good to use for the lesson you want to teach. You can add it to a collection that your have started and then you can revisit the ideas when you are teaching that lesson.