All About Alaya!

3. My name came from a lot of places. My mom at first wanted to name me riley but then my aunt didn't like that so my other aunt suggested Alaya. No I am not named after someone. My names means alot in Basque it means "joyful" in Hebrew it means " to ascend" and so on. Some nicknames I have are " laya" "turtle" "doogley" "51" and "gizmo".

4. I am shy because sometimes I am scared to talk to people and find out they are rude and mean. I am a clown because I like to make jokes and mess with people like my mom, my sister, and some friends. And I am very nice like I feel I shouldn't be mean cause the world wants to be mean and cold blood but I do have my times when I am mean.

6. One of my favorite belongings is my phone because I like reading books on it, talking to my friends, and listen to music. My second favorite belonging is my basketball because I love basketball its my favorite sport. And my third favorite belonging are my clothes because I love clothes and like to dress up I look good in them.

8. One of my favorite smells I love is food! I just love food it makes my mouth water.

9. One of my favorite quotes is "trust no one" because nowadays people that be close to you be hating and plotting on you when you not around or noticing and then they backstab you, turn they backs on you, lie on you, and do anything that hurt you.

12. Favorite actress: Taraji P. Henson

Favorite song: Kno The Meaning

Favorite Athlete: Stephen Curry

Favorite book: Blood Line

Favorite food: chicken, philly cheese stake

Favorite class: gym

Favorite teacher: Mr. Baker

Favorite tv show: Wild N' Out

Favorite car: Audi

Favorite summertime activity: Basketball camp

Favorite movie: Straight Outta Compton

13. One of the biggest news event that happened from the year I was born was the "9/11" event

15. Five of my favorite songs are:

Kno The Meaning


Stick talk

March Madness

Hey There

16. Five goals for my life:

Make my mom proud

Make it to playing pro-basketball

Live happy and healthy as an adult

Give back to my home town

Graduate from college with a masters degree