Urbanization was bad for the life of most people

Living Conditions

Because of Urbanization people lived in the city and there was over-population.During the first 50-60 years of the Industrial Revolution, the majority of the people lived in slums. Slums were houses or apartments that were all bunched together. The poorest of the people had to live in Poor Houses, where people were kept by the Govenment and discouraged from having to rely on their aid for food.

Helath of people in Urban ares

Urban cities were very unclean. There was desease that spreaded and more than 50,000 people died from teburculosis

Negative effects of Urbanization

 Enviromental Damage                                                                                                                 cities had many factories that polluted the air, causing a unclean atmosphere                                                                                                                                 Insuffiecient housing. Because of the high population, there was little room to house people and there were a large amount of Slums


Urbanization was bad because it led to forced child labor, disease, unsafe living conditions, and a massive population in one area. If there was not Urbanization in the Industrial Revolution, people would have had better lives