Causes of the American Revolution

Fighting For Our Freedom!

Quartering Act 1765

British soldiers were sent to the colonists' homes to "spy" on the colonists and make sure they weren't doing anything they weren't suppose to. The colonists had to provide the soldiers with basic needs, like feeding them.

Join, or Die

Benjamin Franklin created this cartoon to symbolize that that all of the 13 colonies need to join together with Great Britain to win the French and Indian War. It then became a symbol of colonial freedom in the American Revolution.
Revolution Lexington & Concord

Battles of Lexington & Concord: Video Questions

1) What was the first shot called?

2) Why did the British go to Concord?

3) Where did the British soldiers marched after Concord and why?

Boston Tea Party: Article Questions

1) Who organized this event to protest?

2) Who did the colonists dress up as and why?

3) What act was passed after the Boston Tea Party and why?