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Week of November 2, 2020

Leadership Corner

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K-3 Campus

Note from Mrs. Baker

Dear Nighthawk Family -

What a wonderful week of learning at the K-3 Campus. It was so much fun to see the students playing in the snow and finding ways to be creative in their play. Even though we do not have equipment that we can use at recess, the students are using their imagination, problem-solving strategies, and creativity to play at recess.

It was wonderful walking through classrooms this day to see the high level of learning that is happening. I see problem-solving, cooperation, justifying of answers, looking for a 3rd option to solve problems and ask high-level questions. This is happening in all grade levels. New Vision Charter School continues to raise the level of excellence.

As we get into cooler weather, please remember that students need to bring coats, gloves, boots, snow pants, and hats in order to play in the snow. We go outside when the feels like temperature is 20 degrees and higher. We want all students to fully enjoy the wonderful Colorado weather, so please help your child by sending the proper snow gear.

November Family Challenge - This month I challenge every family to create a gratitude jar. The idea is simple, get any jar, some paper and each day before bed, every family member writes one thing they are grateful for, for that day. At the end of the month, take some time to read what you were thankful for this month. I would love to hear what your family is grateful for. I know one of the biggest thing I am grateful for is the New Vision Charter School family.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Driveline Procedures

Driveline is getting better each day. Thank you! A couple of key reminders.

1. Only drop students off in the drop off zone. Dropping anywhere else, including 1st street is incredibly dangerous.

2. Only turn right out of the parking lot. Use the roundabout East of the school if you need to go west.

3. The Brookstone Apartments are not a turnaround and it is posted. Please use the roundabout East of the school.

4. Move only when NVCS Staff motion you to do so.

5. Avoid cell phone usage during Driveline.

6. Join Driveline only at the end of the line. In the afternoon, this may be past Denver. Please do not cut in line at the intersection at 1st and Denver.

7. You may not join Driveline in the afternoon from the East.

8. Unload students only from the passenger sides.

9. We have staff to help load and unload students, no need for you to get out of your car.

10. Have an extra dose of patience, grace, and kindness to keep everyone safe. The staff and students are moving as fast as we can to get your kids to and from school safely.

Driveline Guidelines

Please refer to this link for driveline guidelines.

Driveline Video

Please refer to this video for Driveline procedure.

K-3 Virtual Coffee with the Principal

Join Mrs. Baker each Friday at 8:30 a.m. for an informal question and answer time and to hear about all the great things that are happening at NVCS K-3.

Meeting Link

Stem Supply Donation List

If you are interested in donating items to support our Stem Program, check out this sign-up.

4-8 Campus

Message from Principal Hejl

Happy Friday Nighthawk Nation,

I hope that all of you enjoyed the extended weekend and made the most of our snow day! I enjoyed hearing about all of the fun things students did as I helped in the lunch room this week. Between tales of snow caves being built to half day Monopoly games, sounds like our families really made the most of the extra time they had together!

This week we hosted our 4th grade Medieval Day! We had bakers, knights, peasants, and jesters all enjoying the fruits of their studies by experiencing medieval food, watching movies set in medieval times, and presenting their medieval diaramas.

Parents, we are moving into cooler seasons and want to remind you to please send your students dressed for warm weather. Students will be kept inside if the weather is under 21 degrees, however with the need for mask breaks we will try to get them outside for short breaks throughout the day. Coats, gloves, and hats are all things that will make being outside for any length of time more comfortable.

Congratulations to all of our New Vision's Got Talent contestants and winners. It was so great to see you all showcase your many talents in our talent show this week. Thank you to all the families who tuned in and participated in the event, it was great to have such a high level of support!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Hejl

6-8 Grade Hybrid Learning Calendar

Please click here to access the 6-8 Grade Hybrid Learning Calendar.

6-8 Grade Athletics Update

At this point in time we are still planning on having competitive athletics at NVCS. Our games will begin in January. Schedules for Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, and Volleyball have been created. Please visit our Nighthawk Athletics page to see these schedules and learn more about our athetic programs.


We have been contacted by the Larimer County Building with concerns about the number of parents who are parking in their lot and having students walk over to meet them. Help us be good neighbors and use our driveline to pick students up. Our driveline process is taking 15-20 minutes to complete, this means we are able to move groups of students through in roughly 5-7 minutes.


4-8 Driveline Times and Start and End Times

4th and 5th Grade:
  • AM Driveline: 7:30-7:50
  • School Day Starts at 7:55
  • PM Driveline: 3:15-3:35

6-8 Grade:

  • AM Driveline: 7:50-8:10
  • School Day Starts at 8:15
  • PM Driveline: 3:35-4:00


K-8 Important Information

NVCS Parent Expectations for Reporting COVID Exposure

Guidelines for reporting COVID Exposure

Water Bottles

Due to restrictions from COVID, students are unable to use the water fountain at school. Please make sure your students bring a water bottle to school every day. This is also important, as milk is not being served with school lunches, so water is the only option for a drink at lunch.

School Accountability Committee - (SAC Committee)

Are you wanting to be more involved in New Vision Charter School and not sure how? Joining the School Accountability Committee is a great way to learn about the programs of the school and give your input on important decisions. This year our SAC Committee will be focusing on Character Education. Meetings are held once per month and will be virtual. If you are interested please, contact your building principal.

K-3 Principal - Mary Baker -

4-8 Principal - Marian Hejl -

Counselor's Corner

Dear New Vision Families:

Many of you may be in need this holiday season due to job loss, issues with COVID, evacuation or loss from wildfires, or other unforeseen circumstances. Our community has a lot of resources available to you and we wanted to share that information out.

  • Please look at dates carefully.

  • Please consider only one per holiday to ensure all families in our community are able to be served.

  • If you need any help accessing these services, please contact your School Counselor.

  • All information will be kept confidential between you and your school counselor(s).

Ali Anderson, K-3 Building Counselor:, (970)593-6827 ext. 2115

Erin Jobman, 4-8 Building Counselor:, (970)593-6827 ext. 1207

New Vision is Hiring!

We are growing and are so fortunate to be able to offer even more resources for our staff and students. We are looking for exceptional people to join our dynamic team. We currently have the following positions available:

K-8 Substitute Teachers

K-3 Day Porter

4-8 Literacy Specialist/GT Coordinator

K-3 Faculty Support Staff

4-8 Faculty Support Staff

Check out our website to learn more about each position and apply.

NVCS PTO Meeting Minutes

Minute Notes from the October 19, 2020 PTO Board Meeting

New Vision Charter School Board Meeting

Monday, Dec. 14th, 6pm

Virtual Meeting

Important Dates to Remember

October 31: Daylight Savings Ends - Turn your clock back 1 hour before you go to bed

November 3: Election Day

November 6: 8:30 a.m. Virtual K-3 Coffee with the Principal - Meeting Link

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