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dear Carolyn:

i think I'm getting feelings for a guy that I am basically hiding out with. everyone sees me as mean and cold hearted when really I'm just a girl... I can't show that I like him in front of the people we have been with for the past months. this is insane! what should I do.

~desperate girl (Vienna)

dear girl:

I see your issue, falling for someone can be really complicated. I think you should show him you like him just not to much. as far as you have told me, sounds like you want him but can't quite amit it. just keep mind open & know that everything will happen for a reason.


Persuasive movie review

Sam never imagined that one hack could lead to a national disaster. Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is the story of Sam, a teenage hacker with amazing skill. In his futuristic world, online gaming is considered as bad as drug use, and neuro-headsets allow you to control your computer with your mind. Also, Las Vegas was destroyed in a nuclear attack by unknown people in an event known only as Vegas. If any security system can be broken, what happens if someone hacks into your headset? Sam and those like him try to stop the cyberterrorists, and eventually Sam's talent gets him into trouble.

Feature Article

Sam Wilson is just your average teenager. At least he looks like your average teenager. What is different about Sam is his ability with computers. Sam can access nearly anything that is on the internet. He has written his own computer programs to allow this and just recently pulled off one of the biggest hacks the world has seen – with a few side effects. Sam hacked into Telecomerica, got himself and his friend a new computer and neuro-headset, but in the process, caused the majority of the United States of America to lose power. For a few days.