Technology at Lineville

By Emma Wells

Typing Web

Typing Web helped me develop my beginner typing skills into advanced typing skills. Since we did this at the beginning of every class for 5 minutes, I learned to use my time efficiently to get work done. I had a lot of fun with this program, it made learning a life skill interesting, and would definitely recommend it to others.

Here is the link to Typing Web:


Making iTrailers using iMovie was a fun way to learn to make mini movies or trailers. Our class learned how to use all of the functions on the mobile application, iMovie. We filmed our family members, ourselves, or took photos from the internet to make our movies. Everyone learned how to edit and make movies or trailers.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was an online program that allowed my class to make slideshows about our dream jobs easily. We could upload pictures or text, we could change the font or color, and do much more with Haiku Deck! Everyone then presented the slideshows they made to the rest of the class. We learned the important life skill of public speaking. I really enjoyed this program, Haiku Deck.

Here is the link to the Haiku Deck website:

Explain Everything

One of the other slideshow presentation tools we used was Explain Everything, an application for our iPads. We chose a two step math problem from a list and then we had to explain how we solved it using this program. We coudl make new slides, add pictures, text, and even record our voices. Our class then exported them to the teacher. I really liked the Explain Everything program.

Career Locker

Career Locker was a simple kids program that aimed to teach children about their future. We took simple quizzes on the website to give us ideas about what our dream job might be. We then linked this with Haiku Deck to make easy presentations. We also worked with the school counselor. Career Locker was a simple, kid-oriented website that allowed my class and I to learn about our futures.

Here is the link to the website Career Locker:


To learn about one of the hottest jobs in the 21st century, we practiced writing code. We used simple block code, where we pieced together blocks with small commands on them to move the character on the screen to have them complete a little task. There were farmers that had to move dirt, artists that had to make shapes, and much more! We could even customize our own version of Flappy Bird, a popular game. Overall, I think that my class and I had an awesome time playing around with the CODE website.

Here is the like to CODE:

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