Analyzing Viola

By Mariah Smith

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Viola's Identity (Cesario)

In Shakespeare's story "Twelfth Night", viola had disguised herself as her brother that she thought had died on a shipwreck. She named herself Cesario. She acted like her brother and resembled her brother. She is very loyal to the people she works for especially Duke Orsino. When she became Cesario, she had became a servant for Duke Orsino so she could find a way to survive. She is very loyal to people he cares about. One example of Viola's loyalty and honesty is when she was talking to Antonia before he was sent off for prison. Viola says, "I hate ingratitude more in a man than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness, or any taint of vice whose strong corruption inhabits our frail blood," (Act III. IV. 321-324). Viola was saying that she hates ungrateful people more than dishonest people and drunkenness. This shows how she is honest and loyal around people.
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Viola's Gender

As a girl Viola faces gender issues as well as when she is disguised as a boy. As a girl she wouldn't have survived because men would've messed with her and could've raped her since she wasn't protected by her brother. When Viola was disguised as her brother, she had to cover her true identity which meant she couldn't love who she wanted to. Viola was in love with Duke Orsino but since she was disguised as a man she couldn't tell him that. Another problem Viola faced is that people always judged her saying that she looked like a girl while in the disguise of Cesario. She didn't have a beard or a deep voice so people questioned if she was man or not. In the story Orsino told Viola to her face of course disguised as Cesario that she resembled a girl. In the text Orsino says, "For they shall yet belie thy happy years that say thou art a man Diana's lip is not more smooth and rubious. Thy small pipe is as the maiden's organ, shrill and sound, and all is semblative a women's part" (Act I. iV. 29-33). Orsino basically told "Cesario" that she looks like a young lady and that her voice is high and clear like a young girl's voice. This is a very good example of showing one of the difficulties Viola went through.

Perceptions of Viola

After Viola revealed her true identity, Duke Orsino realized how loyal she was. Even though Viola had loved Orsino, she still hid her true feelings and tried to get Olivia to love Orsino. That shows her loyalty for people and Duke realized that. A supporting quote to this statement is , "Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love woman like to me... give my thy hand, and let me see thee in thy woman's weeds" (Act V. I. 258-258, 264). Orsino had just realized how much Viola actually loves him so he says give me your hand and let me see you in girls clothing. Orsino ends up asking Viola to marry him since she was so loyal to him and honestly truly loves him. Everything worked out in the end.

Similarities and Differences Between Viola and Me

Both Viola and I are loyal to people we care about. If my friend was to like a boy that I had also liked, I would let her be with him. Especially if I realize how much she really likes him. Just like how Viola was trying to help Duke Orsino win over Olivia even though she really liked him. Another similarity is that we are both thoughtful of others feelings and honest.

Viola and I are different in some ways. One way is that Viola was so brave and open minded. I feel like I'm opposite I couldn't have disguised as my dead brother and hide it so good. She also seemed more stronger emotionally and was able to hide her feelings more easily. I am honestly more of a emotional person and it's hard for me to hide my feelings especially around people I care about.

Viola (She's The Man)

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Viola's Identity (She's The Man)

In the movie "She's The Man", viola is a girl who loves to play soccer, but when the girls soccer team at her school is cut she is determined to get it back. Since her brother Sebastian is going to London for his band, Viola takes that opportunity to pretend as her brother, Sebastian, and goes to his school Illyria. She tries out for the boys soccer team and makes it. Her whole point was to prove she was just as good as a boy in soccer. She doesn't care about having a boyfriend who doesn't support her, so when her boyfriend says she wasn't good at soccer she had to prove her point. That's why she agreed to act as her brother and played on their soccer team so she could help beat her schools team Cornwall. Viola thinks of herself as a tomboy and she thinks her soccer skills are equal, if not better than the boys.
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Viola's Gender (She's The Man)

Throughout most of the movie, Viola was disguised as her brother Sebastian. She had to pretend to be the stereotypical boy of what she thought a boy would be like. As a girl Viola was being told by her mom that she should act like a lady and wear dresses but that's not who she was. Viola is more of a tomboy with some girly characteristics. Her mom seems almost disappointed that her daughter isn't a girly-girl like she wanted but Viola tells her that she wasn't going to change. She loves sports, especially soccer and she feels like her personality fits her and she will not change for anyone. Viola thought of her self as a person who enjoys soccer. She also feels as if she is just as active and good at soccer just like the guys playing. She would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt on regular basis than wear a dress and some heels. Viola is a girl who believes that she has equal rights and that she is capable of doing anything.
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Perceptions of Viola (She's The Man)

Viola's mom thought she should be more lady like and she felt as if she was acting like a boy. The boys on her schools soccer team at Cornwall all thought Viola was just a girl who wasn't strong and definelty not as good as them in soccer. While she was disguised as her brother Sebastian, her new "friends" and teammates from the soccer team thought of her as a guy but also as a girl. Viola tried hard to act as a stereotypical guy but it was obvious sometimes the guys had doubted her. In some ways Viola views herself differently than some people but their are also some similarities shown.

Similarities and Differences Between Viola and Me (She's The Man)

Some similarities that Viola and I share is that we both play physical sports and we both defend our sport. When it comes to sports we stand up for ourselves and when people talk bad about our athletic ability we prove them wrong. We are loyal to our friends and our friends are also loyal. For example, she covered up for her brother and her friends helped her out by giving her the disguise and teaching her how to act like a stereotypical boy.

Some differences that Viola and I have is our personalities as a whole. She is more outgoing and brave while I'm more of a shy person. She is considered more like a tomboy where I'm more of a girly-girl. I would rather wear dresses and wear makeup and Viola is the total opposite. Another difference is that she is more brave than me I wouldn't be able to pretend as my brother for 2 weeks.