Forsyth Middle School

Board Report for May 18, 2023


April ADA

5th Seated 83

5th Virtual 0

Total 83

6th Seated 79

6th Virtual 0

Total 79

7th Seated 69

7th Virtual 3

Total 72

8th Seated 99

8th Virtual 1

Total 100

Total Seated 330

Total Virtual 4

Total Students 334

April ADA 93.55%

Attendance August 25-April 30th

5th = 95.25%

6th = 93.53%

7th = 91.90%

8th = 93.46%

August - April Overall ADA = 93.18%

Thank You for the Amazing Lunch

On behalf of the Middle Staff, we would like to thank you for the wonderful lunch on May 12th. The teachers really enjoyed the steak and chicken!

Teacher Appreciation Week

In appreciation for all the hard work our Middle School Teacher's & Staff have done throughout the year we had fun celebrating with them this week.


Breakfast - Donuts from Parlor Donuts

Snacks - Coffee & Cookies from MS Student Council

Lunch-Church 3:16

Daily treat from MS Office


Breakfast- Crispy Creme Donuts

Lunch-Branson Bank

Daily treat from MS Office


Breakfast_ Character Council (Pastries/Fruit)

Lunch-First Baptist Church

Daily treat from MS Office


Breakfast - Wes Culver and Findleys

Lunch-School Board Lunch

Daily treat from MS Office

We had daily gift drawings from the following places and/or items.


Fat Daddy's

Yummy Donuts




Mountain Williams


Thrive on Main Street

Country Mart

Stuff Your Face

Shirleys BOGO Cards

Ulta Bag of Goodies

BBQ Grill

Cast Iron Pans

Popcornopolis Caramel Popcorn

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Summer School

Students are starting to enroll in summer school classes. Students are able to take fun classes, such as cooking, PE, CAP, Nature Unleashed, & core classes.


Our middle school baseball & softball teams finished their season. Middle School baseball A-team finished with a record of 3-9-1. Softball A-team finished the season 5-5.

Volleyball Camp

On May 11th, students in fifth and sixth grades had the opportunity to attend the Forsyth Lady Panthers Volleyball Camp. Coach Ellison, Coach Russell, Coach Lylerla, and Coach Jayme Voliva hosted the camp alongside the help of the high school volleyball players. Below are a few pictures from the camp.

Missouri Peace Officers Essay Contest

Congratulations to Molly Pollard. She won third place in the 31st Annual Missouri Peace Officers essay contest across the state of Missouri. The topic Molly wrote about focused on the fentanyl crisis in Missouri and its dangers. Two retired troopers will be here on May 23rd to present Molly with a $100 check, a certificate, and a letter. The captain of the patrol in Ozark will also be accompanying the officers to recognize Molly at the 8th-grade awards ceremony.
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Study Island Blue Ribbons for Math & ELA for First Semester (August 23rd-May 5th)

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April Students of the Month

The student of the month is chosen by the grade level teachers based on qualities such as character, leadership, and citizenship, not necessarily academics. The students of the month must be a diligent student, completing his/her assignments on time, and showing strong effort to learn the subjects. The student of the month demonstrates excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, is well mannered, and respectful to both peers and teachers. The student of the month displays excellent citizenship by aligning his/herself with the character traits of the year. Lastly, the student of the month shows exemplar character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive school environment.
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Pictured Above: Wesley Bearden, 5th Grade Student of Month

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Pictured Above: Adam Baar, 6th grade Student of Month

Big picture

Pictured Above: Harper Kramer, 7th grade Student of Month

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Pictured Above: Chelsey Adams, 8th grade Student of Month

Positive Office Referrals

Forsyth Middle School honors students from grades 5th - 8th for exhibiting outstanding character traits. Students are selected for displaying positive character traits throughout the school day. Their positive office referrals are placed on the bulletin board in the hall by the middle school office. These students are called to the office and recognized for their positive behavior. Each month students are honored at the monthly character education assembly. Pictured below are the students honored for displaying positive character for the month of April.

5th Grade Positive Office Referrals

Pictured below: Dakotah Lobis, William Mulcrone, Makenzie Holscher - Muldoon, Gabbie Mullins, Jesse Goller, Michael Houston-Nelson, Baleigh Graves, Levi Mullins, Logan Allison, Roman Patterson, Garrett Chambers, Tyler Grant, Zachary Vanderbilt, Skyler McMillan, Andrew Norrell, Cullen Storts, Bentley Mullins, Keith Kirkland, Jared Goss, Nova Burns, Tommilynn Dunn-Dilday, Kamber Bright, Samuel Baar, Bralynn San Paolo, Gian Luleich, Jayce Tuck

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6th Grade Positive Office Referrals

Pictured below: Paxton Russell, JJ Avis, Isaac Puckett, Evan Russell, Clayton Turney, Morgan Bloznik, Noah Boyer, Sage Hockaday, Blake Heier, Cece Carnelison, Cami Sims, Meagan Bloznik, Kamdin Morgan
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7th Grade Positive Office Referrals

Pictured below: Hunter Counts, Caleb Sanders, Shawn Taylor, Paytn Hudson, JohnAllen Lautenschlager, Harper Kramer, Bella Eisenbarth

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8th Grade Positive Office Referrals

Pictured below: Conner Phillips, Andrew Keen, Georgia Barnett, Freedom Warrick, Ryan Sorrell

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CAPS Celebration

CAP Club celebrated the end of the 2022-2023 school year with two special events. The first was the annual trip to SDC. The students enjoyed a beautiful day riding rides, eating good food, and socializing with their friends. We had 28 students, 9 parents, and one A+ student attend. Second, on May 3rd CAP Club launched our Alpha II rockets we made several months ago. The launch was a success except for two parachutes lost in a tree. Lt. Colonel Lana Fletcher, Ken Bash, and Cadet Rhian Fletcher help with launch and safety. CAP Club launched about 25 rockets.

Thank You Stuco 2022-2023

The Middle School student council finished the year with a blacklight dance. The dance was held on Thursday, April 6th. The students had lots of fun and several students shared it was one of their favorite dances. The following student council members decorated and set up the dance, fifth grade: Jalee Robison, Suzi Bumgarner, Erin Rogers, sixth grade: JJ Avis, Sophie Burnett, Brayden Turney, Mason Tilley, Seventh grade: Teagan Tucker, Tyler Strain, & McKenzie Scott.

Mean, Median, Mode, & Range Time

Mrs. Tilley's math class is doing mean, median, mode, and range. Students did an oreo stacking contest and then figured out the mean, median, mode, and range from each team.

Middle School Employee of the Month

Upcoming Events

May 16-18 - Basketball Camp - 6th - 8th

May 16 - MAP Testing 5th/6th

May 17 - MAP Testing

May 19 - DARE Graduation 6th Grade

May 19 - MAP Reward Day 7th/8th

May 22 - Class Field Trip 7th/8th

May 23 - Awards Ceremony 8th Grade @ 10:30 am in PAC

May 23 - Class Field Trip 5th/6th

May 24 - Study Island Field Trip at BIG AIR

May 25 - Awards Ceremony 5th - 7th

May 25 - End of Year Bash