Havana, Cuba

The vacation paradise.


My dream vacation is Havana, Cuba. Cuba is in the Bahamas area. I would love to visit the old buildings. This location is very historic and beautiful. Some interesting facts of Havana are that Havana is the 3rd city ever to receive gas lighting.


It will take about 2 hours to get there by plane because we are pretty close to Bahamas through the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba is pretty close, it is only south of Florida. If I were to take someone with me it would be friends and family. I want to go to Cuba through plane because I get sea sick. I will stay in Cuba as long as I want.


I want to stay in a awesome hotel that has a Jacuzzi. Some info about my hotel is that the suite will be and entire story of the building. I will be packing beach stuff ,electronics ,and my entire closet.


My trip cost will be completely awesome and expensive but awesome. I really do not know what kind of money you spend in Cuba so i will just work in progress. I don't know how much I am going to spend so thats the fun.


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i want to be mostly at the beach in Cuba as my activities. Since the beach is there why not go. Cuba is a popular place that is historic and fun.