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All In Every Day!!!

Our 5th and 6th-grade students now have the option to return to school full time starting April 5th. Please review the information sent out by Superintendent Anderson. Surveys and phone calls were made to ask parents of Distance Learner students their preferences. Please call the school if you have not notified us of your decision.

Please read the Information from the Superintendent for more details

Apex MIGHTY Fundraiser for TBS Playground!

We are excited to announce that TBS is working with Apex Leadership Co. this year for a leadership and fundraising program to help our school build a playground at Twin Bluff School!

For the safety of our community, we have decided to work with Apex virtually. This means that everything will be done with zero contact. The pep rally will be viewed online, as well as the daily lessons. We will be doing the Apex REMIX program, which is fitness moved-based.

More information regarding the event will be available closer to its date.

Although Apex helps raise funds for our school, their focus this year is leadership and coming together as a community. We know that fundraising is not financially viable at this time for a lot of families; no matter your ability to donate, we invite you to join in on this fun program.

Important Details

  • All students are included in the program and Remix

  • This year's theme is MIGHTY, which will promote the importance of good habits through interactive lessons.

  • Our school needs your help to raise funds for the Twin Bluff Playground Plans.

  • Apex will be doing live videos of their leadership lessons from their office.

  • REMIX EVENT DATE: April 8th

There will be further details to come regarding the Apex Fun Run.

Thank you for your continued support to help our community.

Masks for our Kids

One of our staff members has generously donated her time and materials to make cute, kid-friendly masks to help students who have forgotten to bring one to school. You may have seen your student come home with one or two. The masks are washable and reusable. We are asking for donations if you are able, to help her restock her materials. Please send cash or check (made payable to Lynn Diercks) to the attention of Rhonda McKim, the school secretary. Thank you!

Notes from the Nurse

Meds at School

Per school district policy, students are not allowed to carry medication of any sort on their person without a doctor's authorization on file. If a parent wants the nurse to give their child medication for occasional use such as pain from an injury, or cold/ allergy meds, we require parents to bring the medication to the nurse for distribution on a short-term basis.

Maturation Videos

Every year, RWPS takes some time to teach our older students about how the human body changes at different ages. To do this, students will watch an age-appropriate maturation video and have an opportunity to have an adult-guided question and answer discussion following it.

In 4th and 5th grade classes, there will be one video for the girls and a different one for the boys. In 6th grade classes, students will watch one video that has a section on females and a section on males. In all the classes the boys and girls will be separated to watch the videos and have an adult-led discussion after.

The videos explain the changes your child will go through during adolescence and help to answer some questions they may have regarding puberty.

If you would like to preview one of these videos please call the school nurse, to set up a date and time for viewing. If you do not want your child to participate please complete the opt-out form which will be sent home after spring break.

Care Clinic COVID Test Results

The school district cannot accept test results from the Care Clinic here in Red Wing. Their tests are Rapid (Antigen) tests that are not sent for cultures. Rapid tests that are not PCR tests can show a false negative. We can only accept PCR tests. Mayo does a Rapid test but theirs is a Rapid PCR test and we can accept these results. Please see this link to the Minnesota Depart of Health that explains the difference between the types of tests.

If you have questions please contact Briana Smith, TBS School Nurse @ 651-385-4535

Helpful Numbers to Know

Twin Bluff School office phone is 651-385-4530

Attendance Line phone is 651-385-4550

Kids Junction direct phone line is 651-385-4633

First Student Bussing Questions 651-388-8244

District Transportation Route Questions 651-385-4795


Please use the Attendance Line 651-385-4550 or email to leave messages about appointments and late arrivals for your students. We prefer that you not email teachers because they may not see the email if there is a substitute. Thank you.

Spring Picture Days

Pictures will be taken on Thursday, March 11, and Monday, March 15. These pictures will not be in the yearbook, so only the students and parents that want to order pictures need to participate. There will be fun spring backgrounds to choose from. Watch for information from your student’s teacher as to the schedule for their class.

Lifetouch Photography

We need your help

We've had many Chromebooks broken since the beginning of the year. We understand accidents happen, but it has become obvious that many have been damaged due to neglectful behavior. We need help from our parents to enforce the district acceptable use guidelines with your students. Your family will be held financially liable for damage that occurs to the device due to negligence. Please follow these general guidelines to minimize the risk of damage to your Chromebook:

  • Avoid eating or drinking near your Chromebook.
  • Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook to prevent damage.
  • Keep the Chromebook in the protective case when not in use. Chromebooks must be in the case issued by the District any time it is transferred.
  • Always close the screen while carrying the Chromebook. Students should never carry their Chromebook while the screen is open.
  • Do not stack any books, heavy materials, etc. on top of the Chromebook in your locker or backpack. Anything placed on the Chromebook may cause damage.
  • Do not close the Chromebook with anything inside it (pencil, etc.). This can cause screen damage.
  • Chromebooks may be stored in the student’s locker with the lock securely fastened. Nothing should be placed on top of the Chromebook when stored in the locker.
  • Do not expose the Chromebook to extreme temperature or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage.

View the RWPS Student Device usage Handbook here.

Message from Food Service

Students and families can still sign up to receive Free and Reduced Lunches. Please take a minute and Sign Up:


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