Southwark Park News

December 2020

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families,

This term has been an adventure for us all and I am constantly amazed at the effort our children, parents and staff put into the school. I would like to say a massive well done this term to all of the children for the positive attitude they have put into their learning and the enormous effort staff have made to ensure children are making the best possible progress in the safest possible way. Our new website has launched and we are now able to embed videos to share with you. We have just posted our winter performance so please have a watch. I have sent out an important letter today about what to do if your child tests positive for Coronavirus during the holidays so please read carefully. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a restful and safe holiday and look forward to welcoming you all back on the 5th January 2021.

Mr Vernalls


Southwark Park Winter Performance

Throughout this half-term the staff and children have been working very hard to create a virtual winter performance for all of us to enjoy at school and for families to watch from home. Mr. Whitehouse and Louise have developed children's singing and acting skills through weekly lessons.

Mr. Whitehouse worked with children in years two, four, and six to sing winter songs that include some choreography. While Louise, our drama teacher, working with years one, three, and five to support them with reading winter poetry in a theatrical way. We would like to give our teachers, particularly Mr. Whitehouse and Louise, a massive thank you for co-ordinating the practice and filming of each class's contribution.

Children from across the school will be watching the preference from their classrooms at 9:15 on Thursday. Whilst we are not all at the church together this year, we would like for parents to take part, in virtual way, and enjoy watching the performance below with us at 9:15 or when you are able.

Southwark Park School's Winter Performance

Article of the Week

Stone Age Day

Last week, the children in Year 3 experienced what life may have been like in the Stone Age when we visited the Southwark Park nature reserve as part of our current topic. The children had lots of fun working as a team to create a temporary shelter out of sticks and leaves. The finished products were large enough to hold three children! With the supervision of Ms Rutherford, our forest school te​acher, they also whittled a stick, started small fires and cooked bread over a camp fire. Both Robin and Sparrow classes worked well together to keep everyone safe and happy. In the classroom, we created our own versions of Paleolithic cave paintings using chalk pastels and crayons. We also wove wool on a loom to see how the first fabrics were made. We all enjoyed learning about the Stone Age in such a hands on way!

School Council News

School council has come to a close for the year and this means we are ready for elections and a new school council body for 2021. The out going council has worked very hard over the last year to help promote the Rights of the Child across the school, as well as developing a project to raise awareness of environmental issues and recycling around the school. The school council has initiated crisp bag recycling and the recycling of common school supplies that we use of a regular basis.

As part of their final project, each class will receive a caddy where they can sort and recycle their glue sticks, pens, and markers. The school council has also created posters to promote our new community recycling project. We are asking families to save empty crisp packets and bring them into school where they can be recycled. The picture to the left shows how many crisp bags have already been prevented from going into the landfill.

Reception Phonics Parent Workshop

Phonics is a fundamental part of reading development. To help reception develop into confident readers, Miss Casey and Miss Cullen have filmed a short video about how we teach Phonics at Southwark Park.

We hope that you will find it useful in supporting your child at home. There are many ways that you can help your child learn to read, phonics is one element. It is also really important that you read as many stories to your child as you can. While you do this, talk about the stories and explain the meaning of new words. Don’t forget to have fun together while reading and listening to stories – what you read to your child today, they will be able to read for themselves very soon. Please see the video below to see how you can support your child at home.

Reception phonics parent workshop- Southwark Park Primary

Southwark Park Happenings

Over the month of December we have had many things to be proud about. The children in year four worked with Mr. Whitehouse to create a video that was played at the Lord Mayor of Southwark's Carol Concert. Following this event, we received emails from the council thanking the children at Southwark Park for bringing some Christmas cheer via Zoom.

In other musical news, year six recorded a video for the Southwark Music department that was shared at their Christmas Carol Concert as well. Usually, such concerts would be held in the atrium at the Southwark Council, Tooley Street office, but this year we were still able to be a part of their concert series from a distance.

Finally, we were all very proud, as a Southwark Park family, to see one of our own year six children bravely speak about her family's personal experience with Coronavirus on Channel Four Documentaries. Her composure, confidence, and elegance whilst speaking about a very challenging topic is commendable.


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