A Million Little Pieces

By James Frey


James wakes up in an airplane and he has absolutely no clue where he is going. There is a hole in his cheek, he has four broken teeth, and a broken nose. He figures out that the plane is going to Chicago and he is being escorted by a doctor and two other men. When the plane lands in Chicago his parents are there waiting to pick him up. His parents are very sad and upset at what James looks like and the decisions he has been making with his life. They stay in their family cabin that night and they next day the parents take James to a rehabilitation facility in Minnesota. James gets in a couple fights during his first couple days at the facility but things seem to improve when he meets Lilly and Leonard who become his friends.

James wakes up every day and goes to vomit. He goes through a lot of pain not being able to drink or do drugs since he has been seriously addicted to these substances the past couple years of his life. In able to fix his teeth James goes through a double root canal without Novocain. James really struggles at the clinic. He doesn't want to be there and he doesn't want to follow the "twelve step process" in able to cure himself.

One day James decides that he is hopeless and that he can't survive in the clinic. So he begins to leave but his friend Leonard stops him from leaving. Later Leonard tells James his heart wrenching life story. Leonard begins to break down and cry and the moral of the story ends up being that you just have to hold on. James now has a great respect for Leonard and he knows that he needs to stay at the clinic and get better.

Lilly also helps James progress at the facility. Since men and women and not allowed to talk to each other they secretly slip notes to each other in the cafeteria. They go meet each other outside on the trials that the patients are allowed to be on whenever they want. The relationship that they have is one of the best and truest that James has ever had. James sticks with Lilly even though later in the story she makes some really bad decisions.


I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars because it is very interesting and fun to read but sometimes it gets a little boring. The same sort of things keep happening and it doesn't make it as interesting to read.