Get Ready for Second Grade!

June 21, 2019

Parent Update

Dear First Grade Families,

We are already so excited to work with your children in second grade this upcoming year! Second grade is a time of a lot of emotional and academic growth. In order to support your child’s academic growth this summer, we are attaching some summer work that we encourage you to do with your child as the summer progresses. Completing the attached work shouldn’t take long each day and will really help your child transition into second grade more easily since they will have had math and reading practice over the summer. In addition to this work, we encourage you to check out programs at your local libraries and bookstores. Just 20 minutes of reading a day can really keep your child’s skills sharp! You can use both the reading list we are providing as well as your child’s RAZ kids account to choose appropriate books.

Attached you will find:

  1. A calendar that lays out a math question or reading prompt for each day of the summer. Encourage your child to use materials like small beans, buttons, and bottle caps to solve their math problems. Drawing a picture is another helpful strategy! Encourage your child to draw or write an answer to the problem and explain his or her thinking. It may be helpful to have a notebook that your child can use each day to complete his/her work.

  2. A reading list that will help you to choose age-appropriate books for your child from the library.

  3. A phonics packet to continue your child's skills as they progress with their reading and writing.

  4. There is also a list of recommended educational websites.

An All About Me survey will be delivered to you in August -- please complete this with your child and bring it to school in September!

Thank you so much for working with us to support your child. We can’t wait to see them in the fall!


2nd Grade Team