What do a lot of people use to write with? Pencils! People don't just use them to write with, you also use them to draw! Some people like to color the drawing they made with colored pencil or crayons. A lot of people use erasers to erase pencil marks. What do you HAVE to have be able to draw,color,write,and erase? Paper! You at least need paper to draw,write,color,and erase.


  • Markers mainly need ink or else the material will not work.
  • Colored pencils have crayon lead but is still a pencil.
  • When some erasers get old and instead of erasing,they leave a mark of the color that is on them.

Questions and Answers

Why do some erasers get old color marks?...When an eraser gets old it freezes.

What are crayons made of?...They are made of wax. Make sure they do not melt!

Are colored pencils made with real pencil lead?...No. It's made with half pencil-half crayon lead but is not made of wax.

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