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Eastlake Middle School 12.3.2018

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Thank you so much for engaging in a difficult dialogue about PLC alignment and equity. I was proud of the depth of discussions happening with each department. The work will be arduous, but the reward will be great. I believe our students and community will benefit greatly from our work. Just to be clear, I want to touch on a few points:

1. The hope is to create a common syllabus that outlines common curriculum, common assessments and a uniform grading policy. It is perfectly fine to create different projects that address the same skills/standards and have equal value.

2. I honor the art of teaching. How you teach the material is always up to you. You know your students best.

3. We should be using common assessments to monitor all of our students and learn from one another. Our main focus should be on our students who are identified as needing extra support.

4. The conversation of re-takes/revisions is going to be tough. I do believe that we can teach students responsibility by making them accountable for work. There are a lot of ways in which we can do this. Also, if your department chooses to do re-takes/revisions, there is nothing wrong with allowing students to only earn a certain percentage and that they must do additional work for this opportunity.

5. We will not have as many credit recovery opportunities, so we will need to explore all options including Incomplete grades and/or creative credit recovery sessions during the day using our extra funds from EduAbroad/EEF/PTSO.

Thank you for being amazing during this process. I am hear to listen to your concerns. Please know that I worked with your FAC, SLT, Department Chair and Resource Specialists to get their input on the PLC alignment discussion. Your voice matters.

Let's be mindful of the following as we sprint to the break:

A. Sexual Harassment Training is due by December 21st. Please see the link below if you still need to take it.

B. EOC. Shannon will be sending out additional material shortly. Please make sure you follow the expectations so that our testing season will run smoothly.

C. Food Donations. Please bring canned/boxed goods to the front office to help feed the needy this holiday season.

D. Faculty Party. Please make sure you pay Lorena as soon as you can. Feel free to bring a guest. It's going to be a fun night!

Location: 3218 Summit Meadow Road, Bonita, CA 91902

We will hand out more material by the end of this week. Make a difference!

Gratitude (Triton Trait of the Month!)

For the months of November & December we will be focusing on Gratitude, or appreciating what you are given.

When you feel gratitude, you feel a sense of abundance. When you express gratitude—especially when it’s heartfelt—you strengthen your relationships with others. Grateful people are happier and more fulfilled. And gratitude leads you to be nicer to other people: more cooperative, patient, and trusting.

For the months of November & December, we encourage gratitude in others. You can model it for others by talking about the good things that happen to you and reframing difficulties by highlighting positive aspects.

"I love this absolutely stunning sunset!"

"This week has been really challenging and stressful, but I am grateful to have support coworkers."

We hope you will continue to engage in great conversations about gratitude with your students. It is especially appropriate at this time of the year.

In the weeks to come, be sure to nominate students for Triton of the Week who exemplify gratitude.

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One of Our Gratitude Winners (Pierce Rothmeyer - nominated by Lopez and Keogh)

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Week At A Glance

Monday, December 3

  • Boys Soccer Practice (3:30 ELM Fields)
  • Girls Soccer Practice (3:30 ELM Fileds)
  • Girls Basketball Practice (3:30 Blacktop Courts)
  • Cheer Practice (3:45 Pavilion Courts)

Tuesday, December 4
  • Harry Potter Club (3:30 Rm 169)
  • Boys Basketball Practice (3:30 Pavilion Courts)

Wednesday, December 5
  • Cyber Security Meeting (3:15 Rm 312)
  • Art Club Meeting (3:30 Rm 312)
  • Boys Soccer Practice (3:30 ELM Fields)
  • Girls Soccer Practice (3:30 ELM Fileds)
  • Girls Basketball Practice (3:30 Blacktop Courts)
  • Cheer Practice (3:45 Pavilion Courts)

Thursday, December 6
  • ASB Spirit Day: Pajama Day
  • Boys Basketball Practice (3:30 Pavilion Courts)
  • DLI Holiday Concert (6:00 Pavilion)

Friday, December 7
  • Most Improved Breakfast (8:15 Pavilion)
  • Triton of the Week Luncheon (1:00 Pavilion)

Down the Road

  • December 10-11 - Safe School Ambassador Training Part II (All Periods Library)
  • December 10 - Choir Winter Concert (6:00 Pavilion)
  • December 11 - Band Winter Concert (6:00 Pavilion)
  • December 13 - Orchestra Winter Concert (6:00 Pavilion)
  • December 14 - Sports Awards Assembly (8:00 Pavilion)
  • December 17-19 - Final Exams (Minimum Day Block Testing Schedule)
  • December 19 - First Semester Grades Due (2:00) Infinite Campus
  • December 20-21 - Minimum Day 1:15 Schedule
  • December 21 - Semester 1 Report Card Distribution (Period 1)
  • December 24 - January 15 - Winter Break
  • January 16 - Students Return from Winter Break (Block A Schedule)
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Taste of Eastlake

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Purple Pride!

Beautiful Floor Art from Mrs. Arroyo's Class!

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Fun Times in Ulle's Math Class!

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ELM Teachers Peer Linking It!

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DLI in Action (Barr's Class)

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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Shannon and Dean

It's the best time of the year... EOC season! Details coming to a TSP near you! Let us know how we can support you.


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