By: Landon, Austin, and Colton

Some Things To Know About Ramadan

Practically speaking, it’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. For Muslims this means a time of deep spiritual discipline where they reaffirm their relationship with Allah and through which, in keeping with the name, their sins will be burnt away.


In Egypt the holy month of Ramadan is not only a month of religious devotion but also an occasion for cultural festivals. Every year, Ramadan is marked by a host of cultural events, and this year is no exception.
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Ramadan Festival

They have a festival every year because Muslims believe that during the month of Ramadan, Allah revealed the first verses of the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam.
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Muslims have varying Ramadan customs across the world, depending on their culture. Islamic traditions include: Eating and drinking at sahoor, the pre-fast meal, just before dawn. Not delaying breaking the fast at sunset, which is iftar time.
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The biggest tradition they have is mostly just praying, they all pray together.
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What are Muslims?

Muslims are people who follow or practice the religion of Islam.
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