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You Can't Teach Wifi Kids with Landline Strategies - Adam Welcome

It's true, whether we want to believe it or not, we are teaching a new age of students. What worked for us in school doesn't work anymore. Our kids are "wifi kids" living in an age of constant information coming at them from many different sources. The traditional lecture and take notes strategies don't even touch the surface with these kids.

So what can we do about it????

Use technology to our advantage! Many teachers still think that adding tech to a lesson means playing a game or having kids do research, but that isn't true! There are many great ways you can bring technology into a lesson to create meaningful learning and engagement to your lessons!

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Need a way to meet the needs of multiple reading levels in one classroom? Newslea is the answer! You can register for a free account, add you class, and create assignments for them. Students can choose between 5 different reading levels on the SAME article, so that all of your students are reading the SAME material at differentiated levels. There are also different activities that go along with each story, so students can practice vocabulary and comprehension skills as they go.
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Create Instructional Videos (Or Have Your Students Create Them)! Click Here

Picture Books That Teach Digital Citizenship

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Have Students Who Are Musically Inclined???

They’ll have all of the tools they’ll need in Garage Band to record a song based on the content in your class. They can sing and play instruments, recording it all in a sound file you can play for class or add to a video project.
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Have Students Who are Artistically Inclined???

Promotional and marketing materials are real-world products. Fliers or advertisements can be made for almost any content area. Canva makes them easy and attractive. Use Canva’s free images and graphics (some are paid) with text to make your work look like a designer created it. You can save them as an image file or PDF or generate a link to them.
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Have Students Who Love Dance and Drama??

Virtually any kind of video imaginable is available on YouTube. With a little luck and good search skills, you can find instructional videos of dances that pertain to your content area. Or, to reach the dramatically inclined, video a skit or re-enactment and add music, slow motion, visual filters and more using YouTube’s Video Manager.
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Struggling with Writing Instruction???

Give Storybird a try! History has been passed down through generations by storytelling. It’s powerful and memorable. Storybird can help tell your important stories in class using original artist-created visuals. Write a digital storybook around those visuals or find pictures that match what you want to say. Then share your Storybird with your class or anyone on the planet.

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