How to Keep Friends On Facebook

Michael DeGrave Hour 4

Top 5 Rules to Follow on websites like Facebook

Follow these rules and you will keep your friends on Facebook. (Not that you need them)

Rule #1 Capital Letters

When you are posting a message on a website, never type in all caps. The reason is because it THEN LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING. So don't do what I just did there.

Rule #2 Length and Focused

When typing a message, keep it short and focused. You don't everyone reading this super, long post for 5 minutes that might be about your cat and then just switch to a dirt bike race.

Rule #3 Subject Line

Say you are on Facebook, you are just checking your email and you see a message with a title of Super Funny Video. You check it out expecting a funny video, but instead it is just a picture of a piece of paper. Make sure that the writing in the subject line reflects about what your email is about.

Rule #4 Tone

If you ever send a message and the writing inside is sarcastic, how does the person know that it was sarcastic? They can't hear what you said!

Rule #5 Don't say Something you Wouldn't say in Public

Let's say you wet your pants today and you tell your friends on Facebook, since they all know that, they can just forward your message and the next thing you know, the whole world of Facebook knows about it and you are seriously embarrassed now.